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2019 (18)
May (17)
Flower Photography by Gary Graefen May 2019
Good Bye My Favorite Friend, Grumpy Cat Dies Frida...
Trash And Government BullShit
Happy Friday Night
I Love You Mother
Politics... It Sucks
Dirty Dancing
Something Old: Olivia Newton John
I Will Never Ask You To Change
I Love You More Than Anything
Broken Dreams On Facebook
Facebook Users Choose This Music To Play....On Thi...
Tacoma Washington Down Ruston Way Photography By G...
Sadness In Time Silent Suffering
Photography By Gary Graefen Ocean Shores Washingto...
Facebook MeMe By Gary Graefen May 2019
Wapato Park Tacoma Wa. Photography By Gary Graefen...
January (1)
Walking With An Old Man
2018 (23)
October (1)
Don't Give Up
September (1)
Flower Photography By Gary Graefen 2018
August (1)
More Facebook Wall MeMe By Gary Graefen
July (1)
The Morack
June (1)
I Love My Dog
May (6)
Grand Pa Advice: Dating On The Internet
Oh My Way Ward Child
I Am So Sorry, I Can't Fix It.....
Happy Dance By Gary Graefen
The Essence Of Love Is Kindness
Problems, Alcohol
April (1)
What is Love?
March (1)
Grumpy Cat By-Gary 2018
January (10)
I Can't Live If Living Is Without You
Say You Love Me Baby
Forever In Blue Jeans
An Ounce Of Living
You Are Everything I Need And More
And If Your Lost Just Hold On. Cause I Will Be You...
I Will Watch You Make Good And Never Leave You
Reaching For Love
2018 Facebook Wall MeMe By Gary Graefen
Garys Direct Links To His 1000's Of Photo Facebook...
2017 (43)
December (6)
Nothing Holding Me Back
What Ever It Takes
Biting The Hand Which Feeds You:
Heal Your Beautiful Heart
Learn To Dance In The Rain
My Christmas Wish For You 2017
October (3)
The Universality Of Love
Grumpy Cat By Gary October 2017
Facebook Wall MeMe By Gary Graefen October 2017
September (2)
Facebook MeMe By Gary Graefen September 2017
Grumpy Cat By-Gary September 2017
August (1)
Good Bye Glen Campbell
July (8)
I'm Only Human
Smile.... It's Time :)
Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary August 2017
Carole King Photos And Videos
Joy To The Fishes In The Deep Blue Sea
I Want To Be Young Again
Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary July 2017
When Angels Visit
May (5)
When In Rome - The Promise
Heal The World
Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary Graefen May 2017
Spring Time :) New Thoughts From Gary
April (2)
Living In A Pile Of Dirty Clothes
Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary Graefen April 2017
March (2)
Lucine Fyelon Extraordinary Violin - Emotions
Chasing Waterfalls Karaoke
February (5)
Private Dancing, Just A Dreamer
Message Of Love
When Gary Feels Funny :)
Facebook Wall Meme's By Gary Graefen 02/2017
Republican Democrat or Fascist Which Are You?
January (9)
2016 (21)
December (5)
When Do You Get Democracy ?
2016 An Era Ends
MeMe's By Gary Graefen Jan, 2017
Merry Christmas 2016 From Gary Graefen
Zoo Lights Point Defiance 2016 Photos And Video
November (2)
Facebook Wall Meme's By Gary Graefen 11/2016
Why Angels Cry A Poem
October (1)
Troy Warren........Public Figure Facebook
September (5)
Electrifying :) Megan Nicole
More Facebook Wall Photo's By Gary Graefen
Let Them Eat Cake
Helping Those Who Have Less
Echeck Problem With Paypal. Fraudulent Charges BIG...
August (2)
I Have To Much Money
Point Defiance Park Photos Tacoma Washington
June (2)
Forest Springtime Floral Bouquet
Low To The High Sierra Forest Photo Collection
March (1)
FaceBook Wall Photos Gary Graefen 2016
February (1)
Obama You Crossed The Line
January (2)
More Grumpy Cat MeMe's By Gary
More Thoughts By Gary On Facebook
2015 (79)
December (5)
Jealousy, Stop It!
Solar Really Is The Way Of The Future,
Yes It's Christmas :)
Live Like A Spartan, America Home Of The Brave
On Being A Grand Parent
November (1)
Gary Graefen: What Love Is
October (42)
Desert Lightning
The Fountain Of Youth Spa And Mobile Home Park
Photos Of Plaster City Of Imperial Valley
A Desert Poem
Stories of the Desert Fathers
Geological History Scans Of Imperial Valley
Gary On Gun Rights In America
Imperial Valley College
Invasive Weeds In Imperial County
Charity And Non Profits Of Imperial County
Imperial County Public Works
Imperial County Service Buildings
The Imperial County Airport
The Imperial Valley Health Department
Niland Family Resources
Child And Parent Counseling
Tips On Personal Security
Migrant Education
Anger Management In Imperial Valley
Indian Stories Of Old
Imperial Valley Alamo River
Winds in the Imperial Valley can reach up to 80 MP...
Desert Temperatures 130 Degrees
Dehydration Drinking Enough Water
The Coyote Extraordinaire
Earth Quake Safety
Birds In The Imperial Valley
Indians In The Imperial Valley
Rock Hounding In The Salton Sea Area
Anza Borrego State Park Scans
Desert Photo Gallery
The California Blue Angels
The Snake Man Of Niland Ca.
Salvation Mountain Slab City Ca.
Fishing In Imperial Valley
Niland Tomato Festival Photos
Agriculture and Livestock in the Imperial Valley
Agriculture In Imperial County
Save The Salton Sea
When Someone Is Blue
Biblical Photos And Images
Gary On Religious Faith
September (17)
Just Be The Best You Can Be
Winema National Forest
Lassen National Forest California
Loon Lake, Washington
The Lower Little Hyatt Reservoir Oregon
City Of Bend, Deshutes River Area Oregon
Riffe Lake Washington
Siskiyou National Forest
More Along The Oregon Coast
The Oregon Coast Gold Beach Oregon
Oregon Coastal Beauty
Terror Mountain
Lower Gifford Pinochet Forest
Six Rivers Area
The Boon Dockers: Best Photography By Gary Graefen...
Gifford Pinochet National Forest
Redwood National Park
August (1)
Leave Life In Gods Hands
July (1)
Finding Peace And Honor
June (1)
Welcome To The Boondockers
January (11)
80 is the new 50
Success What Is It?
Complete The Circle
Cranky Old Man
Crazy Eyes
I Just Called To Say I Love You
Eugenics And The Act of Playing God
Gary Graefen: On Kindness
More On Living With Hope
What It Means To Be Free
Ning Network Users Don't Matter !
2014 (31)
December (1)
Happy New Year 2015
November (3)
To My Sons, I love you
Faith Can Heal
Change: When Billions Touch Hands
October (5)
A Facebook Chat Scam Attempt-LOL
Gloria The Dentist--$3500 An Hour
Why Your A Fool If You Try To Work For LaBOR READY...
From A Far, I Love You
Your Creator Loves You, A Facebook Inspirational M...
September (4)
Make Me Happy Gary Graefen
Garys Push Button Radio Page
Shopp Electronics
I've Got Crabs You F--ker
August (2)
Grumpy Cat MeMe's By Gary Graefen
The Happiness Quotient-Learn How To Be Happy
July (1)
A Great Old Style Pong Game-Curve Ball
June (4)
Thieves, Liars, And Street Scum
All Of Gary Graefens Facebook Wall Photos To Date
Shopp Music Best Deals
Save YourSelf
May (1)
New Facebook Wall Photos By Gary
April (6)
Shopp Furniture
Shopp Cosmetics
Shopp Homeware
Shopp Handbag And Purse
Shopp Shoes
Shopp Clothes
February (1)
Recent Thoughts By Gary Graefen
January (3)
The Worlds Biggest Bear
I Just Want A Beer
2013 (40)
December (1)
What To Do In An Emergency-And What Not To Do!
October (2)
Fukushima: Nuclear Reactors Gone Wild: A Facebook ...
A Better Way To Look At Things
August (4)
Sensational Photo At FaceBook
No Common Sense In The Public School System
Old Time Favorite Games, Donkey Kong, Hexagon, And...
Joe Rogan Hot Video And Photos
July (33)
Kevin Hart Hot Photos
Bill Maher Hot Video And Photos
Louis CK Comedian Hot Video And Photos
Russell Peters Mr Funny Man Hot Video And Photos
How To Find Joy In Living
Kim Kardashian Hot Video And Photos
Heidi Klum Hot Video And Photos
Simon Cowell Hot Video And Photos
Brody Jenner Hot Video And Photos
Blondie Hot Video And Photos
Alice Eve Hot Video And Photos
Nina Dobrev Hot Video And Photos
Oh Shit!-That Hurt
"Harry Potter" Hot Videos And Photos
A Mariah Carey Christmas-One Talented Lady
Robert Deniro Hot Video And Photos
The Beautiful You
Maria Grazia Hot Video And Photos
Shakira Hot Video And Photos
Carrie Underwood Hot Video And Photos
Bruno Mars Hot Video And Photos
Eva Mendes Hot Video And Photos
Scarlett Johansson Hot Video And Photos
Cristina Perri Hot Video And Photos
Gotye Hot Video And Photos
Civil Wars Hot Video And Photos
Pitbull Hot Video And Photos
Chingy Hot Video And Photos
Sofia Vergara Hot Video And Photos
Lincoln Park Hot Video And Photos
Akon Hot Video And Photos
Kelly Clarkston Hot Video And Photos
Mary J Blige Hot Video And Photos
2012 (107)
October (3)
Ashton Kutcher Hot Video And Photos
Daniel Radcliffe: "Harry Potter" Hot Videos And P...
Funny Joke Images
September (96)
Demi Moore Hot Video And Photos
Demi Lovato Hot Video And Photos
Mel Gibson Hot Video And Photos
John Travolta Hot Video And Photos
Amanda Bynes Hot Video And Photos
Wiz Khalifa Hot Video And Photos
Whitney Houston Hot Video And Photos
Wham Hot Video And Photos
Usher Hot Video And Photos
Tupac Shakur Hot Video And Photos
Trey Songz Hot Video And Photos
T-Pain Hot Video And Photos
T.I. Hot Video And Photos
Taylor Swift Hot Video And Photos
Sting, And The Police Hot Video And Photos
Stevie Wonder Hot Video And Photos
Stevie Nicks Of Fleetwood Mac Hot Video And Photos...
Spice Girls Hot Photos And Video
Snoop Dog Hot Video And Photos
Selena Gomez Hot Video And Photos
Rihanna Hot Video And Photos
Ray Charles Hot Video And Photos
Queen Hot Video And Photos
Pink Hot Video And Photos
Paul McCartney Hot Video And Photos
Patti Labelle Hot Video And Photos
Nicki Minaj Hot Video And Photos
Nickelback Hot Video And Photos
Miley Cyrus Hot Video And Photos
Micheal Jackson Hot Video And Photos
Meryl Streep Hot Video And Photos
Mariah Carey Hot Video And Photos
Madonna Hot Video And Photos
Lloyd Banks Hot Video And Photos
Linkin Park Hot Video
Lindsay Lohan Hot Video And Photos
LiL Wayne Hot Video And Photos
Leona Lewis Hot Video And Photos
Led Zeppelin Hot Video And Photos
Lauryn Hill Hot Video And Photos
Lady Gaga Hot Video And Photos
Kid Cudi Hot Video And Photos
Kesha Hot Video And Photos
Katy Perry Hot Video And Photos
Justin Bieber Hot Video And Photos
Johnny Depp Hot Video And Photos
John Lennon Hot Video And Photos With Playlist
Jessica Simpson Hot Video And Photos
Jessica Alba Hot Video And Photos
Jennifer Hudson Hot Video And Photos
Jennifer Aniston Hot Video And Photos
Jennifer Lopez Hot Video And Photos
Heart Hot Video And Photos
Gwen Stefani Hot Video And Photos
Gucci Mane Hot Video,Playlist And Photos
Glee Hot Video And Photos
Foreigner Hot Video And Photos
Enrique Iglesias Hot Video And Photos
Eminem Hot Video And Photos
Elvis Presley Hot Photos
Drake Hot Video And Photos
Dolly Parton Hot Video And Photos
Dido Hot Video And Photos
Destiny's Child Hot Video And Photos
David Bowie Hot Video And Photos
Creed Hot Video And Photos
Chris Brown Hot Video And Photos
Chicago Hot Video And Photos
Celine Dion Hot Video And Photos
Carly Simon Hot Video And Photos
Bruce Springsteen Hot Video And Photos
Britney Spears Hot Video And Photos
Brad Pitt Hot Video And Photos
Bon Jovi Hot Photos
Bob Marley Hot Video And Photos
Black Eyed Peas Hot Photos
Beyonce Knowles Hot Video And Photos
Beastie Boys Hot Video And Photos
Beach Boys Hot Video And Photos
Barry White Hot Photos
Barbra Streisand Hot Video And Photos
Back Street Boys Hot Video And Photos
Baby Bash Hot Video And Photos
Avrial Lavigne Hot Video And Photos
Ashanti Hot Video And Photos
Aerosmith Hot Video And Photos
Anna Nicole Smith Hot Video And Photos
Angelina Jolie Hot Video And Photos
Amy Winehouse Hot Videos And Photos
Alicia Keys:Hot Video And Photos
Alice Cooper:Hot Video And Photos
Alanis Morissette:Hot Video And Photos
Ashlee Simpson:Hot Photos
Adele Adkins:Hot Video And Photos
ACDC Hot Video And Photos
50 Cent: Hot Photos And Video
August (1)
The Power Of Good Friends And Loved Ones
July (1)
Awesome Landscapes
June (1)
Why Social Services And Welfare Are Important
May (1)
The Hottest And Sexiest Women Of Entertainment
March (2)
Amazing Nature Photos
Inspirations Facebook Wall Photos From Garys Frien...
January (2)
The American Indian-simple,graceful and sings of t...
UFO's: Do Aliens Really Exist?-Yes I think they do...
2011 (27)
December (1)
Government Brutality And The Right To Free Speech
November (6)
The Wonderful City Of Tacoma Washington
My Worlds Most Beautiful Flower Gallery Is Loved O...
Study proves regulations killed practically no job...
Global Warming Is Killing Millions
Garys Space Gallery
What It Means To Be A Christian
October (8)
The Devils Way
Garys Amazing Facebook Photo Albums-All friend req...
Inspirational Facebook Wall Photos
On Female Sex Offenders
LOL-Facebook Crazy
How To Lose Your Ass In Real Estate
Why We need To Educate Our Youth About Aging
April (1)
Is The World Dying?
March (2)
Oil-its cost and it's consequences
Scary Mug Shots To Dissuade Kids From Using Drugs
February (7)
Technology Overload-Is This You
The Gulf?-Still Highly Polluted
"Made in China"-Don't buy it. You Hurt People When...
The Scariest Stories-Are Usually True:Jail Time, L...
Racial Bigotry-Its Out Dated-Get It In Your Head
Not Enough Food In The World?-Perhaps The People H...
America is no longer #1-at anything
January (2)
Separation Of Church And State-The Big Paradox
Wikileaks, Truth, Liberty, and Justice For All
2010 (14)
December (7)
When Gary Decides To Rock
Please Rate President Obama
Some Times Insanity Comes In All Shapes And Sizes
Over 100 Digital photos By Gary Graefen
George Bush Rerun?
I Can't Imagine A Nicer Christmas Gift
Poverty Comes In All Kinds Of Hideous Packages
November (1)
Give The President a Break!-Will Ya
October (2)
This Sucks!-Our Government Wasted BILLIONS of Doll...
Do We Fear The Word "Socialism" But Like The Real...
March (2)
Politics Is Not Written In Stone
Did You Know That I Also Am A Widget Developer?
February (2)
Little Gangster Syndrome
Gary Graefens Tuned For Business Google Partner Se...
2009 (14)
December (1)
Send A Gift That Gives Twice
November (1)
To Live, You Have To Learn To Laugh
July (2)
The Mindless Owners Of Social Networks
I am all Giggly
May (6)
Dreams Unfulfilled
The Ten Best Ways To Totally Ruin Your Life
Self Focus: Religion and Philosophy
Oh You Stupid Young Dumbass
Between Breath and Deeds
The War On Your Civil Liberty-The Patriot Act
April (3)
I Am Not Afraid
Survival-The Kiss Of Death
My Reply to Charles Shaughnessy's blog
March (1)
It Happened In The 60's-and the games began
2008 (29)
February (29)
Being A Dad
A Note To MySpace Friends
A Great Day-Today
Note to a Gold Digger
To Do It Over Again
More Global Warming Bad News
The New Horizon
A note To Howie
Oh The Scam Artist
Good Bye Anita!
Why Won't You Represent Us President Bush
Upward Mobility The Great American Myth
The Smell Of Fear
Government The New Drug Dealers
Denial-The Everybody Syndrome
Death and Dying-And Life After Death
To Be a Webmaster
Global Warming
Some Good News!
An Open Mind and Open Heart
Help Make The World Smile!
Life and The Young and Stupid
50 lessons in life
My response to The Text Below: I like this alot-it...
For Those Who Survived The 40s,50s,60s and 70s Cur...
Let me See Your Papers Please!
911-Fact and Fiction
Certain Death and Dying
Ron Paul
Some Pop Jams Listen While You Browse

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