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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I Have To Much Money

Perhaps one of the faintest glimmers of sententious I have ever had:
"An intelligent smart person has money"
Oh a dent in my new $200.000 car arggggg.
Someone is trespassing on my 100 acres of beach.
The cat just threw up a hair ball on my $5000 couch.
Oh shit I spilled coffee on my $300 pants.
Crap I scuffed my $500 shoes.
Oh I can't help you....sorry I might get dirty.
Mechanic says the jet needs a complete over haul.
Wife wants divorce............ $100.000 a month in Alimony......

Ah shit another dent to the collection..........oh well 
Trespassing? no problem I don't own it. 
Cat is worth more than couch 
Who can afford store bought coffee?. Good Will is open seven days a week now 
I fear flying anyway 
Wife?.......she left eons ago......Girl Friend actually has a job.... 
I smile almost everyday................... not all day.....LOL my mouth would get sore........... 
But those with real money LOOK like this ALOT.......... I seldom do 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Point Defiance Park Photos Tacoma Washington

From Fat geese lol to a wonderful rose garden and pond.
Point Defiance Park is a really fun place.

White Roses

Pink Roses

Yellow roses

Multi color roses

This 760-acre park is a popular destination for more than 3.1 million people each year. Natural forest, saltwater beaches and spectacular views offer numerous possibilities for recreation, education and communing with nature.
Destination Point Defiance Logo
Destination Point Defiance is our long-term planning initiative to enhance the experience and honor the character of Point Defiance Park. View construction updates

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Hours: Point Defiance Park is open daily from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.  Hours at attractions within the park may vary.

Explore the park

Rental venues within the park 

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