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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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They say that when you die your entire life flashes before you. If that is true will you see generosity, kindness, and love. Or will you see greed, animosity, anger and hatred? It is never to late to look for the good side in life. And maybe those flashes will be brighter. I hope so ♡-Gary

Kindness helps the world work ♡

I have lived in large beautiful houses. Many in fact. But my favorite place to live has been a one room old rv parked next to a pristine stream, watching the deer feed and listening to the birds sing. Sometimes you just can't believe tv.-Gary

My son said to me it's just Facebook Dad, my brother told me I do not see what you see in these social networks Gary. They do not make you any money. What do they do for you? Some do not understand why I might regret the loss of a friend on the internet i have never met face to face. The reason is simple. Real people are at their keyboard with real thoughts and feelings. Many youngsters do not realize that you can develop a friendship on the internet which spans decades. You start to learn how a person thinks, what there good and bad qualities are. You get to experience their kindness and generosity. See how they treat others. Feel a form of love for them that you do not get even face to face with many people. Jean,Lois,Isis,Shannon,Laurel,Larry,Nita,Kate,Idona,Paul,Shirley,Carol,Vicki,Riki,Melody,Mary,Mark,Peggy,Florin,Lesley,Judy, and so many more people I have interacted with on a daily basis for many years. I have come to know them as life long friends of a unique and deep personal nature. I love them as much a man can love anyone. Perhaps why when I write or create I put my heart into it because these people and so many others matter to me. Why I found myself crying and in grief at the loss of a longtime internet friend. When I send out requests and hope that people will interact it is because each of us has an inner need to be appreciated and loved. And you can find that somewhere like what i try to create here. You just have to open your heart and mind to what is possible. And interact with others with the same kind of courtesy and respect that you would in person. The internet does not have to be the boogie man. It has a real fundamental value as a connection between people. And it can channel love and kindness and openness as much as any other medium. I just hope that I will not cry at to many more deaths. Because the feelings are as real as if I were at ones death bed holding their hand. And that is a good thing, especially in a time of indifference and hatred for everything. I can honestly say I love you to hundreds of people over the years, and that is an amazing feeling ♥-Gary

Sometimes in life we reject someone not because we don't like them, not because we don't think we would be able to love them. Not because we don't think they are attractive. We are mature enough to know that we are not the right choice for that person. We know ourselves well enough to know what type of person we can live with day to day. Or we know ourselves well enough to know that some people are to good for us. That is the hardest, knowing you would never measure up. But honesty is still the best policy in life, especially when your talking about yourself.-Gary

Everyone at some point in their lives has sat in a movie theater and watched something which made them cry or choke up. Man achieveing something great, something powerful and strong. From space shuttle flights to landing on the moon. Heros who fight in battles to save there loved ones. Or scientists exploring the ocean depths. With these achievements comes a form pride, Of sharing, a feeling of greatness in what we are watching or reading . A euphoria takes over of pride in excellence. The world has been facing problems since the dawn of man. From famine to war. Perhaps the way to try and solve those problems is to maintain that euphoric feeling in our daily lives. To believe that we can make a difference. That together united the problems of air pollution, climate change, famine and desertification, war, hunger and poverty can be conquered. By making a concerted effort to make changes in our daily lives for one another. To fix what is broken by making small sacrifices daily to help the world sustain itself. It is never wrong to want to feel like a hero, so long as you make the effort required.-Gary

Throughout a long life.... I have been way up there financially and at the very bottom. A rich man has bad days just like a poor guy. The rich guy buys short 200,000 shares and loses $50k in ten minutes.....the poor guy guy is walking down the street with 50 cents to eat on.....drops it and it rolls into a sewer. Both lost a lot. The only difference really is the rich guy still sits down to a great meal and clean sheets. The poor guy just starts fantasizing about blowing some rich guy away and taking his wallet. Then goes and looks for a tree to sleep under cause it's raining...........

An opinion, without study and due diligence . Is just an ass that needs way more toilet paper. I said it so let it be so........... Geesh.

I might die crossing the street.... I have watched that happen.
I might die driving my car......I have seen that happen to.
I could die slipping on ice and hitting my head....I know that happens .
But if I never cross a road, take a bridge, climb a mountain or swim a sea. If I am afraid to live fearlessly knowing I can get hurt or maybe die. Than I never have really lived at all. We were all born to die.
But for some, fear means they have never really lived.-Gary.

The death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her.
You gave me life, and then you gave me strength.
You cared about me like no other.
You were my conscience and my guide.
My love for you will never fade...... You were the other part of me.
But perhaps the hardest part is being without you.
I know you loved me, you always made that so clear.
But my heart is damaged and unsure. I have trouble relating to those things in life we shared together. But I know in my heart you would not want me unhappy, or sad. So I will rise up knowing that what life brings is death. That without death there can be no life. I will honor your memory Mom by seeking the joy of living. By becoming whole again. For your sake. Because I know in my heart that my happiness was what mattered to you.

I am now the enemy,
I am an old white man,
Though i bear no malice and never have,
I embody the taught and learned racism.
White men will beat you down, a white man is always the boss, white men have all the money, white men hold all the power. I often times just walk down the streets of a city. Many of color walk by and I can feel hatred from those 20 and 30 years younger than I. Asians,Blacks,Hispanics. Not everyone of course. But enough to have learned that I also am judged, just by the color of my skin. I find myself judged by people of my own race. If I am dirty from work, or my clothes are not just so. My health so so. I find I am treated with less respect. On occasion even laughed at. These are perspectives. Learned over a life time to make one feel better about themselves at the expense of others. If I own less, I am worth less.
There's the keyword: WORTHLESS........just because I have less.
Your color today really isn't the issue. The issue is how you perceive yourself..... and if you really try hard to move forward in life. Opening your heart to the people around you of every color. Learning to not judge in life,
But just accept that ALL OF US.....are in this world together. And were put here to learn and grow together.
No I am not your enemy. I am one of those who 40 years ago stood for equal rights, fought for gender equality, expanded my thinking to accept everyone. Made sure it happened. And then 40 years later watched other generations turn it all upside down again.

We are all one in Gods eyes..........Let's live that way  -Gary.

All My Love To You, Mother........Your Child.
It never ceases to amaze me. How much people read into a circumstance, or about someone. They have never met, and will never meet. Simply based on something stupid they heard or read. Or an ignorant assumption, with no facts. There is a giant difference between what you actually know. And what you think you know.

 I write because I can. Inspiration typically comes from here. And then translates to other places like blogs. Some things are food for thought, some entertainment, some with love and some for teaching. Some for Gods glory and some for the disdain of the devil in all of us. Thought is a fluid and never ending process. Facebook is the very best place to start for me. Because of the thousands of minds all sharing what matters to them. I am not always looking for something. just sharing my internet skills and talents in the hope people will come together and then grow.-Gary,

As an Inspirationalist lol. Many times I find myself wondering what is it that inspires others to make their world a bit better. To wake up and feel good. To walk out the door and make things happen.As an old man now sadly without a personal assistant lol I still have to do things one might not expect. Yesterday since I decided to buy my sons truck, "a" since he needs money and "b" cause I need a truck where I am going. I had to go to the local pick yr part for a few items. Some tires, a spare, etc. It surprised me some of the looks I got from many of the men there scrounging for little pieces of under priced gold. Here is an old white haired man pushing two very large truck wheels down the dusty dirty lane, sweating up a storm. They smiled at me. I could hear them thinking, damn I hope I can still do that shit when I grow old. Sometimes you inspire others simply by doing what needs to be done. And set an example. You don't have to be a wizard to inspire others in your daily life. Just be the best you can be, and do what you have to do. When others see you "trying" and trying hard. It helps makes them want to do the same. And suddenly even though it was minor, the world around you gets better. They try harder. Have a wonderful day everyone :) mine will be !-Gary

Every rule has an exception, every positive a negative. That doesn't mean you throw away the rule book. It simply means you stay aware.....

I like to think of living as a candle,
If you keep the light going.....It is warm and inviting.
You feel safe and secure. But if you allow the candle to falter and dim. Suddenly your alone in the darkness. Feeding the flames of your hearts desire, helping others, sharing joy,happiness and love. Will keep your flame burning brightly into eternity <3. -Gary

A post and my reply:
From a women
What separates the men from the boys? It's simple... their actions match their words. A man calls when he says he's going to call. A man is decisive. A man makes plans. A man returns a text. A man keeps his word. A man knows his worth. A man takes charge. A man is monogamous. A man doesn't make excuses. A man cherishes his woman. A man cares about others. A man does the right thing. A man knows his purpose. Lastly, a man is NOT ruled by his penis. "Did I miss anything?"

"A man is someone who doesn't allow others to define him, or his actions. A man is definitive, decisive , He does what must be done even when he doesn't always want to. A great man rises above the mediocre and displays humanity and love for others. Try allowing men to decide what they should be and why. That's a right God gave. You will seldom if ever see a man tell others what a real women is. We know in our heart when we actually meet one. And if we are lucky enough to find one....we find that she never defines what others are supposed to be."-Gary Graefen

Perhaps my biggest concern is how social media promulgates lies and deception. The sharing of blog posts, which exemplify hatred or intolerance. The creation and spread of MeMe's which are bold face lies or a misconstruction of "Facts". AnyONE can create a blog and say whatever the hell they want. There are no "consequences" unless you appear to be threatening violence, and even that happens more on facebook than with blogs. I have dropped a few long term friends for continuously posting untruths and lies in an effort to pursue there political ideology. I would prove to them what they were posting was a lie or fabrication....and they would continue on anyway. They got blocked. News is reality from bonafide sources.
A Blog is seldom an actual news source. A few, the Huffington post is a real news source. Examine your motives in life.......just because you think something.......... doesn't make it true.-Gary Graefen

You saw someone you thought was in need and you gave to them.....It made you feel good to know that you are helping someone. Later you find out the one you gave money to is a fraud.
You feel foolish and like you will never offer again. 

Often times though that very next thoughtful deed you do actually hits it's mark.
 So You and God Both Smile 

Be generous in your actions and deeds, there is no such thing as a foolish heart. 

Some people have tried in they were not perfect.
But this constant demonization of people after they are dead and buried......and the unwitting changing of history through internet public opinion versus facts. I find truly distasteful. They cannot defend themselves.-Gary

Perhaps what surprises me is that even intelligent people seem to rationalize their own thinking.........when even the evidence suggests that their thinking ignores reality...........

Inspiration can be an awesome sunrise.
A photograph of love, words that give you the chills.
A song which makes your skin tingle.
A feeling of Love around you.
A time when you feel like God himself is standing there smiling.
Inspiration is knowing your only limits are those you put on yourself.

In the United States we have freedom of speech... the trouble is that some see that as an excuse for diarrhea of the mouth.
Though you might have a mop..... the trouble is that someone can later grab it..... and bean you in the head..... Just Be Kind 

Every One is handed a gift in life. For some it is the ability to draw or sing, Some can manipulate objects well, others see things others do not. It is finding this gift which allows you to grow and become something better in life. Utilize it and find your value. Mine was reading retention, at one time in life I could remember 92 % of everything I read. So I read a lot :) . Not to hard in the 20th and 21rst century. Today that glorious gift is fading along with everything else lol. But it has been a ride of joy...I wouldn't have traded it even for wealth. So.....I wish you hope....Just find your joy and ride it <3 -Gary Graefen

I followed the path,
Became strong and felt secure.
I endured humiliation and defeat along the way.
I sometimes suffered others bigotry and prejudice.
Often times I wanted to give up and let go.
But I persevered and grew. I used what I was taught and prospered.
There were people along the way who encouraged, some who denigrated. Both helped me become who I am.
But anywhere along my journey lightning might strike.
What is given can be taken away in a moment.
So I try to remember humility, Because in the end, I am simply a product of the path I followed. And the faith I keep in my heart.-Gary

Sometimes...... i think......... Yes I want people to have clean water to drink.......yes I would love to be able to breathe unpolluted air......yes it would be nice to know my grand kids might survive....... yes it would be nice to know where my food comes from how it is derived, and that it is safe to eat. Yes it would be nice if the drugs handed out like popcorn didn't addict people and kill them..........yes it would be nice if people we elect to govern didn't constantly change their mind AFTER they are elected. If this makes me a liberal...and it seems to in some demented minds so be it. But I also believe in individual initiative...... I think people should be able to own their own business's and have limited red tape in doing so...... I think that the world has artificially generated rules and regulations which hamper long term growth and economic self sufficiency. So when you label me with your own idea about what I am....... Try to remember......America has two parties for a reason.....not everyone thinks the same as you do....... Not every state has the same problems......not every person is even treated the same way in different parts of the country.....And that just because something works for you.....doesn't mean it works for everyone or the majority.-Gary Graefen

Everyday I wonder what the future will bring. Many times I am not optimistic. I certainly have seen enough pain and sorrow to make one take pause. But sometimes we have to peer into our inner soul and find that tiny thread of joy and desire to live a wonderful life. To find a small moment when our heart sings and we smile, If even only to ourselves. Throwing aside all the doom and gloom we hear everyday and find faith in something greater than ourselves. Even a simple photo or video can affect how we feel. And joy is found in looking beyond today. Making a choice to think, these problems can be fixed. Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but someday. And because I do not have all the answers or solutions, I will have simple faith that things will get better. Then smile large and real, feel something deeply, and move forward, damn the pain. I will feel happy and be something real today.- <3 Gary,

Sometimes folks wonder I am certain why some days Gary doesn't post much lately. Today I got to watch a women go into hysterics about people eating eggs and drinking milk. Someone decide that our ex vice president is a pervert because he touched a young girls hair in public. And even more silly and astoundingly stupid relations that do not even exist in a "NORMAL" mind. If your obsessed with others "perversions" Check your own mind at the door. Maybe it needs some examining by a trained professional. Perhaps the real sicko is you.

As a computer tech....I learned better logic.....which I tend to trust in my daily life.....unless I am dealing with which case logic seldom works.....maybe a never mind...... ;)

As a debater in high school and college, I learned there is an argument of validity for almost everything on both sides. But at my age I did get to travel some and America is so different in just 40 years that it is a bit frightening. From Fukushima to the Titanic.
relative harm is an issue. The what if scenarios can perplex and distraught all of us. I think somethings move to quickly for fast profit. That the future isn't considered enough in relation to the present. That it makes no sense to me that we have safe technologies which are in use already....yet we still cling to the profit motive instead of forward thinking. From Oil pipelines to Nuclear power. People swallowed up by sinkholes to earthquakes taking place where there were none. Progress matters and is important. But so is pace and study. I have never come to a cliff and took the leap across without making darn certain..... I will make it ;) -Gary

I woke up and made something pretty arrived and quickly took it away. it is drab, a bit dreary, the color is wrong and a tad bit bleary. I realized my dreams were a bit crushed that day. I had hoped you'd see things my beautiful way. But your mind set is such that I can no longer play. You stole the Joy in such an insignificant way......Kindness Is About Doing To Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You 

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