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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Between Breath and Deeds

Increasingly I have become more and more disturbed about the people globally who are being persecuted "for their words". Since when do we charge and incarcerate people for writing?. The concept of terrorism in the heat of anger-I outta kill you, he screams. Suddenly the police show up and arrest you for terrorist threats. A women writes about something she feels is wrong-Bridget Bardo-and she is found guilty of inciting hatred. How does one incite hatred?
I think that people who hate, do it of there own choosing.
When we can no longer express ourselves for fear of recriminations isn't that called repression?.
Didn't Freedom of speech have something to do with our fundamental rights?
Maybe I'm old but I thought the right to say something was important.
Any comments?

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  1. You are very right but then you seem to be very insightful with the posts that I've read.



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