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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In My Life, What If?

What I was is gone, the rain and sun have slowly weathered. I face my twilight years with trepidation. Faith holds my mind and soul in place. I look back at some things I cannot understand. A man named Dad who has never called or written me in 40 years. A Mother who seldom or never writes or calls her own children. A brother or sister who thinks "me" is all that life is about. An old friend who I try to find but seems to have winked out of existence. Some mornings I awaken and the pain is in my mind. I turn it off with a cup of coffee. I focus on those who have proven to me that they love and care for me. Their actions speak volumes about love and kindness. Distant past sometimes appears as a note from someone long ago. Suddenly feeling a bit better about myself because someone took the time to tell me I made a difference in their life. Of course there are things I might have done differently. The "what if" sometimes pervades my thoughts with an insistent pry. But at the end of a day though I might have worries, I fall asleep knowing that one day all that bothers me will have a reason. That light can peak through any shadow. And that things are as they were supposed to be. Who I have become is far more important than who I might have been. Complaining seems silly. I am what I chose and that's enough. I shall continue on, until the lessons no longer need to be taught. I can forgive, because in the end I was given those moments. Moments some were never lucky enough to have at all.

Tis better to be touched with a smile out of kindness and love, than torched with a frown wondering who might get what I have.

A lesson Steve Jobs learned, a bit late. But he learned it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trumpisms MeMe's About Donald Trump

Daniel Bedingfield Hot Video

God Bless America

It's supposed to be about love of country,
Fighting for whats right, Not Each Other.
Finding common ground, and mutual cooperation.
Treating neighbor as friend, and holding the values and traditions of America in our hearts and minds.
Yes one can still say God Bless America.-Gary

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration 2017 Donald Trump

2017 Donald Trump Elected President With A Popular vote loss, But an Electoral College Landslide.

Riots By Democrats

 People have sat there and watched what rioting Muslims have done in France and gone how terrible get rid of em....YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT when you do dumb shit like this......Perhaps get rid of YOU,

There is an old military expression which goes back centuries. Divide...Then Conquer. When you propagandize and tell lies that's exactly what you are allowing to happen. There is nothing sacred, right, or acceptable in creating falsehoods to try and make a point. Which generally is fallacious to begin with. Open your head instead of your mouth.......

Beautiful :)

LOL Oh My Twitter

Donald Trump’s Mandate?

Make America Great Again

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Ugliest Women

The Ugliest Women:
Perhaps one of the most inspiring things one can do, is show others the pain some of us go through. We all as children suffered some form of humiliation at the hands of others. Even many years later in life the agony still survives in the recesses of ones mind. But others are handed forms of suffering that go so far, that most of us wonder how they go on. How do these individuals find happiness or love. The reality is that many do. This young women has  a disease and turned it into a humorous, kind, and heart wrenching tale, A Life Inspiration for many <3 span=""> .

Friday, January 6, 2017

Grumpy Cat MeMe's By Gary 2017

I admit it........ I was a mean child sometimes......I loved giving my little brother dog food and told him it was candy...... I mean he loved it......really :)

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