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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Universality Of Love

The Universality Of Love:
Perhaps one of the biggest problems in our lives is isolation. We isolate ourselves in so many ways. Neighborhoods of self imposed segregation. The desire to be around those just like us. From the Korean to China towns or the super rich enclaves of mostly white residents. The fear of talking to those who are not like us. The anxiety we feel stepping out of "what I'm not used to". The, we all justify this behavior internally but condemning that very behavior publicly. A form of hypocrisy which seems to run deep in most of us. I have spent most of my life intentionally trying to step outside of this innate fear zone. Facing my fear of what is different and unknown. I do this to grow as an individual. And because my belief system is such that love for my fellow man.... all men and women. Is a powerful force in my life based on a belief in Christ and God. I cannot say i have been disappointed. If anything this profile would never have come about without it. I was looking at the picture story today of the African women and there children. The amazing love and warmth were so evident. The simple fact is that ALL of us no matter the color or creed...... have that one thing in common. Even the animals show Love. If two animals can meet peacefully.....even when one is sometimes prey. We as people can stop fearing what we all have in common. I really hope that happens one day. Love-Gary

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