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Friday, April 28, 2017

Living In A Pile Of Dirty Clothes

So I twas out and about today. Went to a 99 cent store for some stuff. Out front was what appeared to be a pile of old clothes. But upon closer examination I noticed a pair of hands coming out from the pile. They were tired hands..... very dirty..... I thought there is a homeless female hiding herself underneath. She wasn't begging or asking for anything. The sun was rain. And she was trying I am sure to get some much needed sleep somewhere she felt safe. And could sleep warm. I entered the store and had a bag I had bought somewhere else. In it was a box of donuts. A store clerk walked by and said...can I have one of those donuts?. I was a bit taken aback.... and I give anything away it would be to that homeless lady out front. She replied But I am a hard working women. I responded I have been a hard working man my whole life...... but I also know what it's like to be homeless......She scowled a bit. I really didn't need anything at this store, my companion did. But I thought I am going to buy that person lunch...or dinner...or whatever.... So bought a dollar thing of candy to get some change. Walked over to her....still covered by blankets that hadn't been washed in a long time. She was kinda trying to block out the world. I said is there anyone alive under there?..... suddenly a face peeked out.....a surprisingly pretty face, 30 something I'd say....covered in grime..... I handed her some money and said go get lunch. She lit like a rainbow and said wow thank you mister.....I walked away. I have learned I cannot solve the worlds problems....and I am far to old to get real involved anymore...But even as poor as I am right now... I can still brighten someones day who is worse off than I, and make a smile, or spread some small amount of hope. I cried a bit when I got home.... I hurt when faced with things i do not like but cannot change.... But then smiled a bit... and I thanked God. He's always looked out for me..... and maybe with some grace....that might rub off on someone hiding from the world in a pile of dirty clothes... I hope so <3 span=""> -Gary
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