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Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Beautiful Room


The Pretty Room: Tis a room full of pretty things, though none ever enter. Antiques, beautiful tables. Ornate light fixtures. Baubles of beauty. Occasionally the owner will walk by the room peek in and think oh how beautiful. There has never been a child's joy in this room. Never a morning Christmas of glee. Never a wonderful conversation between friends. Nary a family gathering of cheer. Not even a drunken evening of loneliness and fear. The front door sits solidly, beautiful in weight. It's stained glass partitions letting in colors of late. Yet no one ever see's them. For 30 years this room has sat empty, sometimes the air a tad stale. And now it's owner has left, forever a bad smell. Don't try to fill your life ...... with beautiful empty rooms. ❤ -Gary
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