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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Morack

The Morack: Teresa a young girl, left with 3 others on a planet to die. Young children with fear of the unknown. When actually she is really over 150 years old and dies in reverse waiting for the Morack to come take her. Yesterday I met an old hound dog. Barking and growling ferociously "defending home" against 2 young pups and a young women and me. just walking to her home. The dog was far more interested in the other dogs than I, I found myself trying to protect them....walking towards the dog trying to grab his leash. He was all bluff and no bite. I could just tell this ol timer was kinda like me. More protective than aggressive. I felt no fear really. i could sense his intent. he was far more afraid of me than I him. Constantly jumping back from me barking hard. His owner came out into the road to get him. i just kinda smiled keeping him away from the other dogs. The old man who lived there kinda snidely said to me. he's a mean one.... I just kinda laughed and said I've been up against far worse LOL and just kept walking. A bear is a foe if they are protecting their young or seriously hungry. Other times there own sense of fear usually have them running into the dense forest to escape harm. The Moracks of our lives tend to be more in our mind than reality. Learning to live without fear of our own personal Moracks.... is all one needs to be safe really.... to be aware of what is transpiring around us. And use common sense and intuition to deal with life's little insecurities. Not do something stupid, like turn and run. But face life head on. And take the tiger's by the tail. -Gary
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