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Friday, February 24, 2017

Private Dancing, Just A Dreamer

By a struck of fate, Danielle got the opportunity to meet country music legend Garth Brooks. When he heard her inspiring story and that she had to prioritize her cancer treatment, thus missing her chance to audition for The Voice, he figured he’d give her a second chance at stardom. During one of his recent concerts, Garth Brooks invited Danielle up on stage to join him in a duet, singing the classic “I Told You So.” Watch as the cancer survivor and beautiful singer seizes the amazing opportunity and wows the audience at the large arena. Everyone is blown away by this young singer’s talent – and the judges on The Voice are kicking themselves now.

Private Dancing

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Message Of Love

Is It Really So Bad: For One Act Of Kindness to Save A Life. One Random Act Of Generosity To Create A Smile. One Day Of Joy Bestowed Upon Another. One Smile Given To Create Another. One Day Lived In The Service Of Your Fellow Man. Is It Really So Bad To Take A Moment In Time And Create Something Joyful .........

Perhaps the hardest thing to grasp sometimes is that someone with a disability has dreams and aspirations. They do, it's just that they are not vocalized to others . Be kind in your actions..... Feelings are real to everyone... even though we might not understand them <3 span="">

Thursday, February 9, 2017

When Gary Feels Funny :)

We men have egos no question:
It used to be that I HAD to get in the last word. He threw monkey shit...I threw monkey shit.......and I found it inconvenient because I had to take a bath before Saturday...... now I let him have it...I don't need a bath till Sunday....LOL

Stress just seems to walk hand in hand with technology from a game install frying your windows to spending 22 days straight training your speech to text program.....winding up with dentures and it doesn't know what the hell your saying anymore..... ;)

So it started raining so hard..
I just saw an old women floating by in a red rider using an umbrella as a sail....... ;)

I love the phrase serious buyer only.....
I am here for a Big Mac.... but I am not really serious..... ;)

Breaking News............Flower Power United States President ..............Jonathan Moseley.
A presidential assassination attempt was made on president Mosely for lack of chrysanthemums in his desk arrangements.......
Just goes to show you how no matter how well some people like you, others just want to blow your head off........

Broken Breaking News

Giddy Up :) 

My parents are so right wing.....
I decided to make there day.
I sent them a fake letter from Donald Trump telling them they didn't have to pay any taxes this year.... ;)

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