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Friday, June 8, 2012

Why Social Services And Welfare Are Important

I hear a LOT of people lately talking about how the government is forcing them to help people by taking taxes and its not right you shouldnt have to help if you dont want to etc.....I also have heard over and over again for the past 3 years that anyone who is poor is lazy and stupid and just not trying and if they wanted to they could be rich too. Sometimes there are things beyond our control that happen and we need a little help....i know there are a lot of people who abuse the system and cheat to get more than they need and i dont like that either but there are also those who genuinely could not survive without the help.....yeah i hear ya, let them die then too many people in the world anyway.......well thats easy to say when you are in your fine house eating steak but i bet you would feel differently if you were in their try to read the following without judging my decisions just hear the story...
When i was 20 i got pregnant ...i decided to have an abortion but the babys daddy begged me not to and so i gave in and we happily went about preparing for the baby....just before i gave birth baby daddy up and left with another girl leaving me high and dry with no way to support myself or baby.....i placed my baby in a foster home and set about finding a job....i found one at woolworths store and got a room in a motel.....i had no car so i rode a ten speed to work 10 miles every day...then after work i would take a bus to the home where my son was and play with him for a while and they would drive me home.....after a bit i managed to get a tiny apartment closer to work and at the end of the first year i went to court and got my son returned to me....durring this time i had met a guy at work that i liked...we had been dating for several months by the time i brought my son home to my apartment and things were getting serious between us....he was mr wonderful...quit a bit older than me but treated me like gold.......he was great with my son too and so he started talking about moving in together......i said nah at first cuz i had just gotten my own apartment for the first time and i wanted to be independant...i held him off for about 3 months but he kept on til i finally said apart was bigger so he moved in there.......That very first night when he moved in we were hanging a picture and it was crooked and he told me to change it and apparently i didnt do it right so he hit me in the knee cap with the i was i had no money i had sunk it all into getting that apartment so i couldnt leave i and be homeless with my son....i didnt know what to do.....for the next 4 years that man beat the crap out of me every day....i was afraid i was going to joke.....BUT he never touched my son and he was still very wonderful to him and my son thought he was daddy and loved him very much.......until one day when my son was just shy of 5...we went fishing and my son caught a fish and "Ron" wanted him to touch it but he was scared of it and that pissed "Ron" off so he backhanded him across the face.......i worked as a waitress in the evening so the next night i put on my uniform and left for work with my son and nothing else not a change of clothes not one thing but what we had on....and i never went back...of course all through the 4 years he told me i was worthless and stupid and could never make it without him...i began to believe once i left i had no choice but to quit my job as he was the type to come and kill there we were living in my car....i found a place for my son to stay but i was homeless for a year and a half...right back at square one.......but again i did struggle my way back....but you see sometimes it isnt because a person is lazy some times there is a reason...and yeah i know the conservatives will say yeah well you put yourself there with your choices so it is your fault but i had no parents growing dad was gone and my mother worked ALL the time except when she came home long enough to beat the crap out of i had no idea how to live when i left home...all i wanted was someone to love me and yeah i made a lot of stupid mistakes along the way but i didnt know better back then...but i sure wasnt LAZY...EVER...i have worked since i was try to make it on $200.00 a week
...its not try not to assume that everyone that doesnt have money is lazy or stupid...there really is more to life than money and i wouldnt trade my experiences for a million bucks because they have made me me!!

    • Christina Evans Thank you for takeing the time to tell your storey. I couldnt agree more.
      37 minutes ago via mobile · 
    • Gary Graefen Your story is why a "Social Safety Net" is important in America. There are many who's story is even worse. I am glad that you and your child made it out alive. I also will tell you that I have never been against welfare or social services. But I have relatives who are-I seldom if ever talk to them anymore-They are greedy,self centered individuals that to me exhibit the very worst qualities in people.
      2 seconds ago · 
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