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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give The President a Break!-Will Ya

After far to long we are finally pulling 2/3 of our troops out of Iraq.

I was reading comments left today by folks on yahoo.

"He is a bum, what a liar-it's taken a year. Blah blah blah."

How easy do you think it is to move 100,000 men and all their stuff?

Then there is the tanks,guns,buildings,trucks,cars-and?

The United states has experienced the worst recession since the 1940's, had the worlds worst oil spill in history.Disasters have hit all over the globe this year. And all people have done is say what a loser he is and how he breaks his promises. He is a liar about where is was born, his religion and God knows what else. Barrack Obama is the President Of The United States.
He is entitled to the respect and admiration of people Globally just because of that fact. He was elected by a majority of Americans based on the promises he made. So far, from what I can see-he is upholding his part of the bargain in most areas. Presidents do not have unilateral power. They are not allowed to do just anything, because they want to. Other considerations also present themselves "after" the election. Things we the people do not know anything about.
National security must take precedence over campaign promises sometimes. Economic and Social impacts must be considered, prior commitments made by previous presidents have to be taken into account. It has been a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. So far I believe he has done the very best he has been able to do under the constraints of the system he must work in.
I am proud of My President Barrack Obama-is he perfect-no
But does he do his damndest- I think so
God Bless America-Gary Graefen
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