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Friday, November 7, 2014

To My Sons, I love you

There was a time when you were like a kitten, you would enter with tears in your eyes and say daddy I don't understand, Why are they so mean to me. I would kiss those tears like a thousand little diamonds rolling down your face. Hold you tight and tell you not to worry. That one day you would rise up like a mountain strong and tall and no one could hurt you anymore. You smiled at me, it was like angels opening the door to heaven. You'd fall asleep in my arms and everything was ok.
Today you are strong and tall. I am proud of what you have become. But know that soon I will not be here to kiss the diamond tears away. I still miss what was and can never be again. But always remember no matter where I am or what happens I will always love you. And if need me just look in the mirror, and remember you are have always been part of me and always will. Love Dad 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Faith Can Heal

Through out the world there are references To God, In every culture there is one.
And on and on
But what I find TRULY arrogant is that some take the writings about God
And turn it into a personal manifesto of hatred,violence and arrogance.
Allow GOD to decide what is right and wrong. God no matter his name.
Has the ultimate choice as to who will be saved and who will not.
Open mind open heart-because in the end, it will all come out in the wash.
Live,Love,Share,Believe,Hope And Dream.  Faith can heal

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Change: When Billions Touch Hands

Sometimes I feel like I can hear people thinking. Who the hell is this guy, and why does he do this shit everyday. Nothing in life is rosy and I have found most people to be ignorant shmucks with nothing to offer me but pain and sorrow. I will die taking to my grave, anger because of all the bad, people have done me.
But then I start reading the GOOD that people try to send my way. I do not know these people except by what they might write. They try to be supportive to those in pain, they try to look for the good in a day. Some create,some share. Most feel that the world can be different with some effort.
I can tell you about all the bad. lord knows I spend enough time reading about it all. But I have to believe that a test of ones character and some pain can have really remarkable effects on what we slowly become.

Many people I have known genuinely become more loving, strong and better people as they age. They are less quick to judge, there anger softens, there souls temper. Yes I know, some don't believe that you have a soul. But even if you don't what harm does it do to try and find the best in a day. Who gets hurt when you change your outlook from bad to good. Absolutely no one. In fact I think you might find that by opening your heart and your mind that one day suddenly something enters that changes you forever. In a good way. I can't fix politics, the environment, war, hatred,religion or anything else. But I can share what is good, and kind and loving and spiritual. And hope that if enough people continue to share that, that slowly, ever so slowly the world might change for the better. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a difference-even if you fail. There are billions of people on Facebook everyday, it is the most extensive and most used Internet tool ever. So if one message reaches 1 billion people, Maybe things will get better. Think about it 

Knowledge begets understanding, understanding begets tolerance and love, love and tolerance creates a better world. If you wear blinders, the world will never change.

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