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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Desert Lightning

AweSome Light Shows In The Desert

The Fountain Of Youth Spa And Mobile Home Park

Fountain of Youth Spa In Imperial Valley Ca.

The Spas are located at 10249 Coachella canal rd. off  HWY 111.
This is 15 miles north of the town of Niland.The major feature is hot springs which are natural. Many health benefits are attributed to the use of these spas.
There is RV parking.
The spas feature a grocery store,4 hydro pools,2 swimming pools,Natural steam room,a cafe,4 recreation halls,Bingo,horseshoes,Bocca,Square&Line dancing,Pool tables Desert golf, Rental units, and a beauty shop.
Facilities are clean and their are many activities. Churches of major faiths are available.
Call (760) 354-1340 Fountain Of Youth Site

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Photos Of Plaster City Of Imperial Valley

Plaster City is an unincorporated community in Imperial County in the U.S. state of California.[1] It is located 17 miles (27 km) west of El Centro,[2] at an elevation of 105 feet (32 m).[1]

United States Gypsum operates a large gypsum quarry and plant there and owns the town.[2] Plaster City has been noted for itsunusual place name.[3] It is the site of the last industrial narrow gauge railroad in the United States. The 3 ft (914 mm) gauge line runs north to a gypsum quarry and brings gypsum from the quarry to the plant.[4][5]

Plaster City is located at 32°47′33″N 115°51′31″W west of El Centro, California.

The first post office at Plaster City opened in 1924.[2]

The ZIP Code is 92251. The community is inside area code 760.

A Desert Poem

The Desert Imagine,
 if you will, my friend, A scene - or at least try It may entertain you, So please spare me some time: A desert - it stands silent, A witness to its cold; Within it many travelers, Each a faceless weary soul. The terrain is fraught with danger, For the night has no remorse; And in this dark assassin, The travelers plot a course. Some seem rather timid, And unsure of their steps; Clinging to each other, They wander in the depths. Some shout independence, And go the course alone; But in the biting sandstorms, Their eyes plead for a home. Others still - they rally, For a well-known path; Little do they realize, It's a path that leads to death. This setting seems morbid, And anything but right; But imagine if you will, These cold, unforgiving nights. This desert has no daytime, Just a night as cold as ice; The desert drains these travelers- You can see it in their eyes. But, back to our story For the dream is not done yet; There are many souls to see, Who shiver through their sweat. The moon it casts its silent eye, Unblinking o'er it all; Somehow a witness to everything, Yet seeing nothing at all. Under it lie travelers, As far as the eye can see; From east to west, north to south, They press on silently. Some of them seem haunted, And starving half to death; While others still walk terrified- At each and every breath. Yet one or two seem confident, And - even stranger still - They trek on unaffected, By the desert's countless ills.

                                           A Desert Oasis

The sand is cast into their face, The winds - chill them down deep; Yet even in the midst of it, They somehow hold their keep. In their eyes burns a fire, That no desert wind can chill; Inside them lies a secret, That moves them as it will. They try to pass this fire, To all those that they meet; In their trek across the desert, Which they strive on to complete. Though many there will see the flames, Few will feel its glow; They'll push the travelers away, For reasons they'll not know. Some cannot accept the help, For their pride runs too deep; Others claim they've found their flame, In candles, tired and weak. Others can't accept the warmth- That would warm them from within; They want a physical fire- Though it would perish in the wind. Whatever their reasons be, Some travelers reject the gift; How then can they marvel, When they're finally let adrift? Yet this band of travelers, With their ceaseless flame; Press on one by one, unique, Yet somehow all the same. Many enter that desert, Many wander among its sands; But that band of inner torchbearers, Are the ones who understand. They are given the exit, And assured of their escape; They are provided such knowledge, From the source of their strange flame. Now let us leave this desert, For tonight we've seen our fill; The travelers still wandering- Through that lonely desert still. Friend, you many wonder, What the point of this could be... Such a strange, long story- With no purpose plain to see. Well then, let me tell you- Among those travelers I told- Lie you and I and everyone The world has ever known. You may not believe it, But you must admit it's right; That you too have felt the desert- The sand and winds of night. Now it's not much longer, Till I send you on your way- It's a long hard journey, And I'd hate to make you stay. Imagine if you will, my friend, We're in that desert, cold- The night stretched all around us- And it chills the very soul. All we know is searching, Trying to find an escape- And unless we find it... The desert claims our fate. I don't know about you, But I think I know the way- You're welcome to walk with me, Follow - If you may. If you accept my offer, friend, You may walk by our side; But warm yourself, forever, first- Take this fire we hold - inside.

Stories of the Desert Fathers

Stories of the Desert Fathers

Knowing oneself
A brother in Scetis committed a fault. A council was called to which Moses was invited, but he refused to go to it. Then the priest sent someone to him, saying, "Come, for everyone is waiting for you". So he got up and went. He took a sack, filled it with sand and cut a small hole at the bottom and carried it on his shoulders. The others came out to meet him and said, "What is this, father" The Abba said to them, "My sins run out behind me, and I do not see them, and today I am coming to judge the errors of another" When they heard that, they said no more to the brother but forgave him.
There were two old men who dwelt together for many years and who never quarreled. Then one said to the other: "Let us pick a quarrel with each other like other men do. "I do not know how quarrels arise," answered his companion. So the other said to him: "Look, I will put a brick down here between us and I will say "This is mine." Then you can say "No it is not, it is mine." Then we will be able to have a quarrel." So they placed the brick between them and the first one said: "This is mine." His companion answered him: "This is not so, for it is mine." To this, the first one said: "If it is so and the brick is yours, then take it and go your way." And so they were not able to have a quarrel. Wisdom in suffering A certain Abba became very seriously ill and he lost much blood. One of the brethren had some dried prunes, and because of the severe illness of Abba, he cooked a little food and put the prunes in it, and brought it to him and entreated him saying, "Father do me an act of grace and take a little of this stew, for perhaps it will do you good." Abba lifted up his eyes and looked at him and said, "In what part of the Scriptures has you found this thing? Truly I have wished that God would leave me in this illness for the last thirty years, for when I am weak, then am I strong"; and the Abba although he was grievously sick, would not take even a little of the food, and when the brother saw this he took it and went back to his cell.
It was said of Abba Silvanus that at Scetis he had a disciple called Mark whose obedience was great. He was a scribe. The Abba loved him because of his obedience. He had eleven other disciples who were hurt because he loved him more than them. When they knew this, the elders were sorry about it and they came one day to him to reproach Abba about it. Taking them with him, he went to knock at each cell, saying, "Brother so and so, come here; I need you," but none of them came immediately. Coming to Mark"s cell, he knocked and said, "Mark." Hearing the Abba"s voice, he jumped up immediately and the Abba sent him off to serve and said to the elders, "Fathers, where are the other brothers?" Then he went into Mark's cell and picked up his book and noticed that he had begun to write the letter "omega" ["w"] but when he had heard Abba's command, he did not even finish it. Then the elders said, "Truly, Abba, he whom you love, we love too and God loves him."
Abba Macarius used to say to the brethren in Scete, "When mass is ended inthe church, flee, my brothers." And one of the brethren said to him, "Father, in this solitude where to, can we further flee?" And he laid his finger upon his mouth saying, "This is what I would have you flee." And so he would go into his cell and shut the door and there sit alone.
Compassion of God
There were two monks who committed a very serious sin when they went to the village to sell their wares. But they were wise enough not to let the devil trick them into discouragement and so they came back to the desert and went to the Abba to confess their sins. To ease them into theirconversion, they were asked to go and live on their own for one month on bread and water, to pray and do penance. When the time was over, Abba himself came over to reunite them with the disciples. However he was very surprised because one came out grim, downcast, pale while the other was radiant, buoyant and brisk. "What did you meditate upon?" Abba asked. The sad monk answered : "I thought constantly on the punishment which I merit and the justice of God". The happy monk answered : "Well, I used to remind myself constantly the mercy of God and the love which Jesus Christ had for the sinner." Both of them were joyfully accepted back in the community but Abba remarked on the wisdom of the brother who kept his mind fixed on the compassion of God. Love excuses Some old men went to Abba Poemen and asked, "If we see brothers sleeping during the synaxis [common prayer], should we wake them?" Abba Poemen answered, "If I see my brother sleeping, I will put his head on my knees and let him rest." Then one old man spoke up, "And how do you explain yourself before God?" Abba Poemen replied, "I say to God: You have said, "First take the beam out of your own eye and then you will be able to remove the splinter from the eye of your brother."
A brother questioned Abba Poemen, 'My thoughts trouble me, making me put my sins aside, and concern myself with my brother's faults'. Abba so told him the following story about Abba Dioscorus. 'In his cell he wept and wept over himself, while his disciple was sitting in another cell. When thelatter came to see him, he asked him, "Father, why are you weeping?" "I am weeping over my sins," he answered him. Then his disciple said, "You do not have any sins, Father." Abba replied, "Truly, my child, if I were allowed to see my sins, three or four men would not be enough to weep for them." Forgiveness A brother who was insulted by another brother came to Abba Sisoes, and said to him: "I was hurt by my brother, and I want to avenge myself". Abba tried to console him and said: "Don't do that, my child. Rather leave vengeance to God". But he said: "I will not quit until I avenge myself". Then Abba said: "Let us pray, brother; and standing up, he said: "Our Father... forgive us our trespasses as we forgive NOT those who trespass against us..." Hearing these words, the brother fell at the feet of the Abba and said: "I am not going to fight with my brother any more. Forgive me, Abba." The fruit of obedience Abba John the Dwarf went away to an old Theban in Scetis who lived in the desert. Once his Abba took a piece of dry wood, planted it, and said to him: Water it every day with a bottle of water until it bears fruit. The water, however, was so far away from there that John had to go out late in the evening and come back the next morning. Three years later, the tree came to life and bore fruit. Then Abba took some of the fruit and brought it to the church, and said to the brothers: Take and eat the fruit of obedience!

Geological History Scans Of Imperial Valley

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gary On Gun Rights In America

Everyday in every country in the world someone is murdered. It might be at the hands of a government bomb. A soldiers gun, or a civilians rifle.This happens where guns are legal, or illegal. It never seems to matter what the laws of a given place are. Someone decides that killing is ok and takes another life. For centuries man has been killing man. Every religious book ever written details how it is wrong to take life yet always seems to find an excuse for circumstances where killing is ok. From an infidel to a religious crusader, murder in the name of MY GOD is ok. History is replete with those who have risen to power, used weapons of mass destruction to eradicate the invader,the infidel,the immoral,the group which doesn't see things my way. From Hitler to George Bush, war is ok because someone else is trying to kill us. Or will try. When America was founded as a country no one really cared for many years. Suddenly England realized that this large continent had wealth. Massive resources, which were being reaped by some. So as is typical, taxes were assigned to those who seemed to profit. Even though the work and toil was not theirs someone decided that they deserved payment. So there was a revolt and as is typical soldiers were dispatched to "control" those who refused to bow down to a "higher" power. America was born out of a simple ideal. That each man has God given rights. That freedom at an individual level was a "Right" not a gift for a few. Yesterday America, land of the free, in an effort to preserve "individual freedom" dropped bombs on a hospital. A place dedicated to helping the sick and wounded. This happens in every "war". Sometimes I am sure by genuine accident, but many times on purpose. There is never accountability for these accidents. It is as if magically because I did it-it's ok. Oops accidents happen. There will always be a dictator, a Monarch, or even a democratically elected president who decides to declare war because I am the moral compass for my society. I will protect my people-at the point of a gun or bomb. When our constitution was written gun rights were written in for just this reason. Because there is always someone who will use there guns and bombs to take what is not theirs, will harm for oil, or property, or airspace rights, or simply beacuse they do not like you. The "RIGHT" to defend ones personal space was made law.

People say oh my government will never attack it's own people. Yet when you look at history you find this is far from the truth. From a historical perspective it is far more likely that the opposite is true. The Hitlers of the world always seem to start small, then find some GOD given right to attack there own people. No one can ever keep everyone safe, no one can promise you an environment without harm. This is just a simple truth. An unarmed populas might be safer for awhile, but suddenly a man with a mission appears and that population is no longer safe. I personally have faced several men with guns, or knives, or a "stun gun" who decided that my property or that of others "belonged" to them, because they held a gun. When I produced a gun, they ran. Realizing that suddenly the tables were turned and their Advantage was no longer valid. A man can use morality, Ideals, Good Sense even to disarm a populace. His personal intentions are probably good. But lets the look at that man. Will he then use bombs or weapons of destruction later to enforce his countries will, or morality. History shows this to be true. Even the "Morally Right" kill. Would the government have backed down at the Bundy ranch if no one had been armed?-Doubtful. The issue with gun rights isn't that people will be safer without them. The obvious is that without weapons people can't hurt others. The not so obvious is that when no one has a gun, someone who does will take what is yours or shoot you in the head. Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. So when someone tells you do not worry, just surrender your gun I will protect you, they are 20 miles away and you might be dead by the time they arrive. And that man who will protect you, is a man with a gun. And one day he might choose to use his gun against you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Imperial Valley College

Imperial Valley College 380 E. Aten Road
PO Box 158 Imperial, CA 92251 Phone: (760) 355-6217 Fax: (760) 355-2663
.us     Workforce Development Center
Phone: (760) 355-6480
Fax: (760) 355-6172
¨ Certificates in career programs ¨ Associate in Arts
degree ¨ Associate in Science degree
¨ Workforce
Development Center
¨ Satellite One-Stop
Employment Services
¨ Small Business
Development Center
¨ Customer Service
Related pages
¨ CalWORKs
¨ One Stop Services
¨ Small Business
Development Center
As part of the California Community
College system, IVC offers educational
opportunities that can lead to
Associates degrees or program
certificates. Both college transfer and
vocational programs are offered in a
variety of subject areas. Imperial
Valley College is a valuable source for
hiring and training employees. It also
provides customized training designed
to fit an employer’s specific needs.
Courses are offered at the main
campus, and Extended Centers in
Brawley, Calexico and El Centro, and
by arrangement at the employer’s site.
IVC has an enrollment of 8,172
students (spring semester ’02) and in
2000-01 graduated 423 students with
degrees and certificates.
Employment Resources
IVC is a resource for employers and
employees as well as interns who work
for college credit. Placement assistance
offered through the IVC Workforce
Development Center includes:
¨ Job Development and Placement
¨ Work-Study
¨ Cooperative Work Experience
¨ Satellite One Stop Employment
¨ Resume Development
The College offers vocational
certificates in the following areas:
¨ Agricultural Business Management
¨ Administration of Justice
¨ Automotive Technology
¨ Computer Skills
¨ Business Office Technologies
¨ Business Management
¨ Nursing
¨ Early Childhood Education
¨ Emergency Medical Technician
¨ Environmental Technology
¨ Welding
A complete list of certificates and
majors can be found in the General
Catalog or the website.
IVC’s Small Business Development
Center is available to assist expanding,
relocating, or start-up businesses with a
wide variety of technical assistance
services as well as strategic planning.
IVC has also joined other community
colleges around the state in presenting a
comprehensive customer service-training
program. The Customer
Service Academy at IVC is designed to
enhance customer service skills and
support economic development.

Invasive Weeds In Imperial County

Imperial County Weed Management Area
Weed Management Areas (WMA)s are local organizations that bring together land owners and managers (private, City, County, state, and federal) to coordinate efforts and expertise against invasive weeds. A federal agency or the agricultural commissioner normally initiates WMAs in California. WMAs are unique because they attempt to address both agricultural regulatory weeds and wildlife weeds under one local umbrella of organization. WMAs have printed weed ID/control brochures, organized the weed education events, coordinated demonstration plots, and instituted joint eradication, mapping, outreach, and other weed management projects.

Negative effects of invasive noxious weeds
Loss of wildlife habitat
Reduced the livestock grazing capacity
Increased soil erosion and topsoil loss
Diminished water quality
reduced agricultural production
Reduced land value and sale potential
Cost of controlling established weeds
What are Invasive Noxious Weeds?
A noxious weed is any plant that is troublesome, aggressive, intrusive detrimental, or destructive to urban areas, agriculture, or native plants and is difficult to control or eradicate.Invasive weeds also called "exotic weeds" which are not native to this area.
Weed Watch
We Need Your Help!
As part of the weed management areas efforts to identify
locations of invasive noxious weeds, we need your help.
Please report finds of suspected invasive noxious weeds to:
Agricultural Commissioners Office
Pest Detection and Eradication Dept.

Or write at:
Imperial County Weed Management Area
C/o Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner
150 South 9th Street El Centro Ca. 92243

For more information about the Imperial County Weed Management Area(ICWMA}
Or about invasive noxious weeds contact:
Imperial County Agricultural Commissioners Office
150 South 9th Street El Centro Ca. 92243
Fax 760-353-9420

Charity And Non Profits Of Imperial County

Charities Of Imperial Valley
These services are provided for your use and support
See Numbered list for services available
The Access center of San Diego and Imperial County
Imperial Valley Independent living center 395 Broadway suite1 El Centro
Alzheimer's Association of San Diego and Imperial County
584b Main St. El Centro 335-3725
American Cancer Society
400 South 8th St. El Centro
American lung Association of San Diego and Imperial
1275 West State St.
American Red Cross
781 Broadway El Centro
ARC-Imperial Valley (Association for retarded citizens)
502 E Main St. El Centro 352-0180
Boys and Girls Club of Brawley
165 South Plaza P.O. Box 770 Brawley Ca.
Burn Institute
(Associate Member) 612 "J" street, Imperial
C.A.S.A (Court Appointed special Advocates)
690 Brawley Suite 6,El Centro
C.H.R.L.E.E: Family Care
107 S. 5th street Suite 210 El Centro 353-6151
Catholic Charities
250 West Orange Ave El Centro
Center for Family Solutions 24 hour Crisis HotLine(353-8530)
395 Broadway, Suite 5 El Centro
De Anza Rescue PO Box 1599 El Centro
I.C. Child Abuse Prevention Council 563 West Main ST. El Centro
I.V. Hipass Youth Camp
PO Box 1741 El Centro
344-6620 or 353-3887
Imperial Valley Blind Center 473 Park Avenue, El Centro
Imperial Valley Food Bank PO Box 4406,El Centro
Imperial Valley Special Olympics
(Associate Member) 375 S. 1st St. El Centro
336-8979 or 337-4556
Literacy Volunteers of America
939 Main St. El Centro
Neighborhood House 506 E. 4th St. Calexico
Salvation Army
375 North 5th St. El Centro 352-4528
Senior Citizens Emergency Fund
1639 W. Main St. El Centro
Sure Helpline
395 Broadway Suite 2
El Centro
United Way Emergency Transportation
1639 W. Main St. El Centro
Valley Orthopedic Clinic
352 E. 1st St. Calexico 357-3931
Volunteers Of America Alcohol and drug abuse Center
1331-B Clark Road El Centro 353-8482

  1. accessible transportation
  2. Adult Counseling
  3. Anger Management
  4. Cancer Assistance
  5. Disabilities Assistance
  6. Civil Rights Advocacy
  7. Gas bill assistance
  8. Basic reading
  9. Blind aid Ed-crafts and recreation
  10. Camp for asthmatic children
  11. Camp for youth
  12. Cancer research
  13. Character building
  14. Child voice in court
  15. Consumer issues
  16. C.H.S. Proficiency exams
  17. Counseling education and prevention
  18. CPR First aid training
  19. Crisis intervention
  20. Debt repayment
  21. Desert Rescue
  22. Education and cultural opportunity
  23. Educational seminars and Conferences
  24. Educational tutoring
  25. Emergency assistance,hotlines,Rape,overdose and medical
  26. Emergency assistance Military
  27. Battered women hotline
  28. Fire and earthquake assistance
  29. Emergency food and clothing
  30. Emergency food vouchers (Seniors and special diet)
  31. Emergency gasoline and transportation(Out of County residents only)
  32. Emergency rent assistance
  33. Employment information
  34. Financial counseling
  35. Housing referral
  36. Independent living skills training
  37. Information and referrals
  38. In home care
  39. Karate Classes
  40. Literacy training for adults and families
  41. Mental and physical training
  42. Money Management
  43. Orthopedic Care,braces, and eye surgery
  44. Parenting classes
  45. Parenting read together classes
  46. Peer counseling
  47. Plastic surgery for burn victims
  48. Preschool and daycare
  49. Psychological counseling,Mental health
  50. Recreation for the disabled
  51. Resident treatment for alcohol and drug abuse
  52. Senior citizens emergency assistance
  53. Senior Nutrition
  54. Supplies food to non profit agencies
  55. Thrift store
  56. Utility assistance
  57. Volunteer training
  58. Workplace literacy
  59. Youth and adult recreation
  60. Youth and child placement
  61. Senior companion program
  62. Foster Grandparent program
  63. Senior brown bag program
  64. Services for expectant mothers
  65. Adoption seminars
  66. Immigration services
  67. Juvenile fire setting intervention
  68. Fire and Burn prevention
  69. Smoke detectors for seniors
  70. Camp for burn injured children
  71. Emergency needs food for burn victims
  72. American sign language interpreting services

Consumer credit counseling services of San Diego and Imperial counties
370 Aurora street suite "B"
EL. Centro Ca. 92243
(619) 337-2300
Fax : 337-8196

What is consumer credit counseling service?
Consumer credit counseling service is a nonprofit community service dedicated to helping individuals and families find solutions to their money management problems. CCCS of San Diego and Imperial County is one of 600 nonprofit consumer credit counseling services across the country that operate under the guidelines set forth by the national foundation for consumer credit. CCCS is neither a charitable organization or lending institution,no funds are available to pay debtors obligations. We adhere to the belief that people should stand on their own feet, should use credit only when they have the ability to pay, and that if credit is extended bills should be paid regularly and promptly. However we recognize that frequently through overconfidence or a changing circumstance people become overextended with monthly payments, this often results in worry, jeopardy to their job and reputation, and sometimes even the disruption of the family unit. In such cases financial counseling may be of assistance.
What specific services are offered?
Money management education programs CCCS welcomes the opportunity to provide money management workshops too interested groups and organizations. Our staff is well qualified to speak on a wide variety of topics such as budgeting, establishing credit, credit use, types of credit, and teaching children and young adults about money. Please call our local office if you're interested in scheduling a presentation. This is a free community service. Individual and confidential budget credit and debt counciling Counselors review living expenses and credit obligations in an effort to give a third party assessment of the budget. Counselors will help create a plan of action to achieve the financial goals you want. Consumers with questions on credit are welcome to discuss their concerns with a counselor. All counseling is provided free of charge. Debt Management programs For individuals or families burdened by excessive debt obligations CCCS can negotiate with creditors for monthly payments to help balance out the overall budget. If we administer a debt management program for a client, the state of California mandates charging a fee totaling 6.5 percent of the amount we disperse for a client. Not to exceed $20 per month this he may be waived or reduced in hardship cases.
What have we done?
Consumer credit counseling service of San Diego and Imperial County was originated in 1964 and was one of the first offices in the state of California. 1989 Marked our 25th year of helping individuals and families solve their debt problems. In 1991 we counseled 6600 people and returned $5,968,720 to creditors. Our past history has been one of steady growth, and our anticipated future will continue to be the same.
How are we supported?
Consumer credit counseling service was founded by the financial community. Grants and donations support the free education programs, individual counseling, and the major expenses of our debt management program. Clients utilizing the debt management program contribute a share of that expence. As a nonprofit corporation we also receive non-cash support such as office supplies furniture free space to provide our services.

United Way of Imperial County
"Caring Hearts Build Hope"
1639 West Main Street
EL. Centro California 92243
(760) 352-4535
Because you care, United Way of Imperial county donations support the greatest number of human and health-care services. Reaching people from all walks of life in all income groups. We are an autonomous organization run by a local board who makes all decisions regarding fund-raising and fund distribution. Our overhead remains low so that more of your donations reach people who need help. Our allocations process is an innovative endeavor involving a community of local citizens who personally visit agencies and study budgets to determine cost-effectiveness and consider the number of people helped.
Did you know that?
United Way of Imperial County is also an information and referral service. Anyone calling our office is directed to an agency that may be able to help. Emergency transportation funding is sponsored through our office and facilitated through the various city police departments to provide gasoline, mechanical repair, or bus transportation service, for those stranded in our valley.You have the option of designating your donation to 8501 C. 3 non-profit organization throughout the county. Your payroll deduction is completely tax-deductible as long as you list your deductions on your tax form. We act as a watchdog over your undesignated contributions to see that they are used for programs and not overhead costs. Over $72,000 of utility company assisted funds help low income citizens with emergency gas and electrical utility bills.

Hope exists at all times for everyone

Imperial County Public Works

Imperial County Service Buildings

Imperial County CourtHouse

Imperial Public Works Building

Imperial County Administration Building

Imperial County Administration Building

Imperial County Welfare Department

The Imperial County Airport

The Imperial Valley Health Department

The Imperial Valley Health Department
935 Broadway
El Centro Ca. 92243

Vaccines for mature audiences
If you are sixty years of age or older protect yourself with these vaccines for adults.
Now you can get an immunization to prevent pneumonia. Pneumonia is a very serious life-threatening disease for seniors. If you are 65 years of age or older you need the protection of pneumococcal vaccine.
Why do I need pneumococcal vaccine?
You need this vaccine to protect yourself against pneumonia; pneumococcal pneumonia and its complications are often very serious.
Sometimes antibiotic treatment fails to work. Even if antibiotics are successful the patient has suffered discomfort, anxiety possible hospitalization, along period of recovery.
Will pneumococcal vaccine protect against all kinds of pneumonia?
No there are many forms or types of pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia is one of the most common. It sometimes follows a bad cold, a bout of flu, or other type of chest infection. There are many different types of pneumococcal pneumonia; vaccines protect against most of these.
Will I need pneumococcal immunization every year?
No unlike influenza, which requires another immunization every fall, only one pneumococcal immunization is needed for an adult's lifetime.
If you already have received pneumococcal vaccine (it has been available in California since the late 1970s) he should not have another dose. Your protection will not be improved by a second dose
After I get pneumococcal vaccine will I still need an annual flu shot?
Yes you should get a flu shot each fall to protect against the strains of influenza virus expected during the upcoming winter flu season. If you are over 60 don't miss your annual flu shot
But I'm healthy why should I get a flu shot?
If you are sixty years of age or older you should get a flu shot every year in the fall, even if you are an excellent health. Younger persons who have certain chronic health conditions such as heart or lung problems, kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, anemia or severe asthma also should get an annual flu shot each fall.
If it has been over ten years since your last tetanus shot you need a booster now. Today most cases of tetanus or lockjaw occur in older persons. Tetanus does not always need a puncture wound from a rusty nail or dirty cut with an old tin can. It can strike after a simple scratch from a rose thorn.
Even if you received the basic series of three tetanus shots in the past you still need a TD booster shot every ten years to maintain protection.
This combination vaccine also protects you against diphtheria.
How do I know if I had the basic tetanus series?
If you served in the armed forces in World War II or thereafter you very likely received a tetanus vaccine series. Many individuals over age 50 have never received this series. You will need three tetanus shots in an eight to twelve-month period for your protection, and boosters every 10 years thereafter.
After you get a tetanus booster another shot is usually not needed for ten years. However if you suffer a puncture wound or a severe or dirty wound, five or more years after your last dose you'll need tetanus shot during wound treatment.
Keep a record of your immunizations with your other health documents or in your wallet. Pneumococcal vaccine is given only once in a lifetime. Your future doctor may need to know when you received this important immunization. Make sure you have the doctor or clinic record it on your immunization record.
In most cases tetanus boosters should not be repeated sooner than every ten years. It is also important to keep your record of tetanus immunizations and boosters. Flu shots usually are not recorded on a permanent personal immunization record. This is because they are given every year. However for your own information keep the receipt of your doctor or clinic with your immunization record or other health documents.
Where you can get these vaccines
These vaccines are available from your regular doctor or clinic or in most cases from your local health department.
Pneumococcal and tetanus vaccines can 

Niland Family Resources

Niland Family Resource Center

8027 Highway 111 / P.O. Box 268
Niland, CA 922257

Phone # - (760) 359-0150

FAX # - (760) 359-0132

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We provide services as follow:
  • Department of Social Services, Cal-Works, Children & Family Services & Eligibility Worker (AFDC, Medi-Cal, Food Stamps)
  • Residential Energy Assistance Discount Applications
  • Housing & Rental Assistance Applications
  • USDA Commodities referral /Brown Bag / Food distribution for seniors
  • Parenting Classes
  • Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum (Elementary School & JR. High Students)
  • Health & Violence Education Presentations & Health Fairs
  • Link Between Residents & County Agencies
  • Referrals to County Agencies
  • Case Management Services
  • Mentoring Program
  • Niland Fire Department food pantry (emergency food)
  • Resources / referrals for parents of children with disabilities
  • Emergency Energy Assistance Payment (EEAP)
  • Telephone services to answer concerns and provide referrals
  • Filling out of forms/documents
  • Employment Services (One Stop )
Contact Information:
Niland Family Resource Center
8027 Highway 111 / P.O. Box 268
Niland, CA 92257
Phone: (760) 359-0150
Fax: (760) 359-0132
Mon. - Wed. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Maria Murga, Coordinator

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Send Niland Family Resource Center an email.

Child And Parent Counseling

Children and Parents Counsel
563 West Main Street
El Centro, CA 92243
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm
Telephone  760-353-8300
Fax 760-353- 8380
Talk about problems and answers with Step/Teen
Rosa's grades are getting worse all the time and her parents don't know what to do anymore.
Tobins mother is worried because her son has the been coming home drunk.
Since Derek has started smoking, he and his stepfather haven't had a friendly word to say  to each other.
Rita and Tony are going steady, and their parents are worried about the amount of time they spend alone together.
Chandra keeps leaving messes around the house, and her dad is tired of cleaning up after her.
Nadia and her dad argue all the time, and Dad worries he might get too angry and do something he will be sorry for.
Many parents have tried to end difficulties like these by setting stricter rules and giving orders.  Perhaps you, like they, have found that laying down the law simply doesn't work.  Or by going to the other extreme, setting no limits at all, does nothing to help teenagers learn responsibility and cooperation.  It is little wonder that many parents feel at a loss to guide their children through the difficult teen years.  That's why more and more parents are turning to Step/Teen, systematic training for affective parenting of teens.  First there was staff systematic training for effective parents.  Over 3,000,000 participants  found that the step approach can bring about dramatic changes in family relationships.  Early childhood staff, systematic training for effective parenting of children under six, teaches ways to help tackle the special challenges of parenting infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Now of there's Step/Teen systematic training for effective parenting of teens, offering a down to earth and practical way to meet the challenges of raising teenagers today.  It is a group discussion program which paves the way to improve parent team relationships; more responsible teen age behavior in  school, and the community; alontg with teen age self esteem and self-reliance.  Through real life video segments,  role play,and supportive group discussions the program teaches specific parenting skills, shows how people can of meet the many challenges faced by teenagers and their parents. Discusion of topics like: peer pressure, education and career plans, sexuality, use of the car, drinking, drug use, gangs, violence, and many others.
This Step/Teen sessions consider these topics:
Understanding yourself and your teenager
Changing your response to your teen
Communicating respect and encouragement
Encouraging cooperation in solving problems
Using consequences to build responsibility
Deciding what to do part 1
Deciding what to do part 2
Take this important step in improving your relationship with your teenager.  Contact your local Staff/Team sponsor for more information call : 760-353-8300

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