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Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Global Warming Bad News

A Vindication is Nice, starting to solve the problem would be better. I love my children. I love my grandchild.
For 10 years people like Rush Limbaugh and other leave things alone types have poopood Global warming. They have used there powers of communication to convince millions that the world is ok and wearing blinders is acceptable public policy. George Bush has demonstrated that the future doesn't matter, only the present. Protecting us from a few terrorists at a cost of millions of dollars and trying to justify the slaughter of thousands of innocent victims. And we still do not have the perpatrator. This is not just a political or social issue. It is about survival, the same kind as if someone held a gun to your head. We do not have the industrial or social networks in place to even start dealing with global warming-yet we where warned long ago by those we typically put our trust in, to create forward moving technology and a better world. It is a function of human greed. The desire to have what I want at any cost because what I want matters more than anything. I will not give up the convinience or the material wealth I have grown accustomed to because I matter more than you do. We talk about equality of man, the right to survive. Our constitution guarantees the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to exist. But no one seems to be willing to give up any of there personal material wealth so that our species as a whole can survive. What kind of logic is this?
Our nature is complex. We have risen above the animals of the earth in thought and deed. We are the guardians at the gate. But we are failing miserably. Our children and their children will suffer for our lack of restraint and moderation.
We have looked the other way for decades. We have allowed those who care more about there own pocket book to sway our thinking into ignoring reality.
Will it all end in a giant cataclysm of mother nature balancing the act and destroying not thousands, or millions-But billions?
Are we mankind to go the way of the dinosaurs because we could not rise above the animalistic desire of pure self gratification.
When will you start to take responsibility for your own behavior?
Some suggestions to help stop global warming before it is to late.

Move closer to where you work-Drive your car out of need only.
Take public transportation whenever possible-Do it out of concern for your children!
Turn off the lights when not in use.
Buy eco friendly products
Stop purchasing products which disintegrate into ever mounting piles of methane generating waste.
Temper you lust for material items which only produce momentary pleasure and then wind up in the garbage.
Teach your children the differance between need and unmitigated greed.
If you have to make a sacrifice to better the enviroment, instead of viewing it as an inconvience, picture in your mind the happy and playful continued existence of a young child. One you know and care about.
Change your way of thinking to include the needs of all-not just I
I do not write like this often-I have been ridiculed repeatly by people for trying to get others to see that their choices are what determines our continued existence as a race. You or your neighbors choices individually may not make much of a dent. But as a group of millions those choices become truly substantial.
I beg of you-Help save our planet-Let my grand child have a world and a right to survive. Please

From CNN
In the week that the U.N. Under-Secretary General for humanitarian affairs warned that the world is already in the grip of a climate change "mega-disaster,"

An Inconvinient Truth-The trailer
By Al Gore

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  1. What I can't understand is why isn't everyone concerned over the environment and specifically global warming. I mean, after doesn't the environment effect everybody, regardless of politics. Plus any category for that matter. ie race, religion, gender etc.
    How long can play ostrich before its too late.
    Lynda Appell aka mugwort


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