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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh The Scam Artist

I get letters from Africa, Russia, Germany and England.
Dear Friend,
I am the manager of a bank here in Nigeria. Someone here died last week who had 18.6 million dollars in our bank. As manager I cannot touch this money so I am seeking an honest individual such as yourself to claim this money as the deceased's next of Kin. I am willing to give you 30% just to present yourself.
I will need your name,address,phone,and pertainent bank infornmation.
I really think you are a dumb ass and want to rob you blind.

I really don't know how a swindler who wants to rip off a bank for 18mil can think that I would be so honest as to take this money and then give him 60%.
Do I have ZERO stamped on my forehead-No don't answer that!

I should be worth about 18 billion by the time I die.-I will leave none to charity
I want them to bury me in all that cash.
LOL-Have a Great Day

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