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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Government The New Drug Dealers

It is truly amazing to me how the State and Federal Government work. As citizens we are bombarded with ads about how smoking is bad for your health. How it causes disease and creates millions of dollars in damages. Yet at the same time because smoking is so addictive the millions who smoke are being "Forced" to pay for every little item which voters seem to think is a necessary social item. Cigarette's used to be about $1 a pack. In most states they now are over $5. This is mostly tax added on by States,Cities, and the Federal government. We put drug dealers in prison for selling addictive drugs. Yet the governments have seen fit to add taxes to "The Legal Addictive Drug" and seem to find no moral issue with it. They want to finance everything from child insurance to hospital expansion on the backs of the addicts they allow to propagate throughout society. Somehow I can't help but find the Moral decay in the way our government works and yes the people think to be repulsive. If smoking is truly the evil thing that government makes it out to be-IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. I challenge a lawyer out there to take on the concept that it is the governments responsibility to protect its citizens. Not profit from helping to create addicts and then tax them into poverty. However lofty and socially beneficial the goals might be.

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  1. The supreme court needs to step up and rule all behavior modification taxes illegal. The government has the right to tax us, but that doesn't mean the government should use taxes to control us. Being taxed for a specific behavior is no different than being fined or jailed for the behavior. Our pursuits of happiness are greatly damaged by a government that has found alternative loopholes to restrict liberty. I say this as someone who doesn't smoke, drink alcohol, have a cadillac health plan, or regularly drink soda. If the government wants to promote healthier people, it should find ways that don't violate our very Declaration of Independence.


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