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Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Open Mind and Open Heart

The tenants of being a good person are pretty clear. Obey the law, treat others with courtesy and kindness, respect others rights.
When it comes to religion things start getting muddy. If you are a buddist,christian,jew,hindu,muslim or any of the other 1000's of religions you are taught to believe that this way is the only way. Follow the tennets of "OUR" brand of faith and you will have everlasting life, or be reincarnated, or what ever else it teaches.
The problem becomes this. We are all unique-even twins become different over time. Each of us has our own experiances and values. So it becomes almost impossible to expect that each of us might have the same spiritual experiances, or be able to look at faith the same way. Though the teachings of the given religion are pretty clear, the way the believers follow those teachings becomes as unique as they are.
This is why we have some muslims out murdering in the name of jihad. The Christian crusades, and thousands of other historical references to "genocide" in the name of God.
If it is my Gods way-murder and rape is ok If its your Gods way you are a criminal.
In my life and on this blog are things I think, experiances which are true and that I have had. At 54 I do not apologize for what life has revealed to me. I have no need to lie about it or to create fiction I am not getting paid for this.
Some read what I have to say and decide that I am irrelvant because I do not fit into there narrow minded view about the universe and what it entails. I truly believe that all of us are here for a reason.
So what ever my purpose might be-It must entail who I am, how I got there, and one day I hope to be revealed why.
If you come to my profile I promise 3 things.
1. You will be responded to with courtesy and respect
2. You will read the truth about what I think, why I think it, and if autobiographical as close to the way it was, as I can remember.
3. If you write I will respond, and I will, as I can, post comments on your profile and on your blog as I have time. The right to a comment of your choice so long as it is not vulgar or in poor taste. I do have children which read my profile and my blog.
What you will not get from me is an identical view of the universe, ideas just like your own, a similar religious point of view, or really anything like you at all.
Because I am unique in experiance and life. Just Like you are!
Some of the friends I have here you might not approve of. They are friends because I saw something interesting in there profile. From being creative,attractive,witty,forceful,socially aware,politically correct, and politically incorrect,kind,thoughtful, and any number of hundreds of things. I as an individual am very open minded about almost everything.
You do not have to be-Just don't visit them if you don't like what you see.
The point is that if you want to be a friend here-READ about me, Open your mind some. And choose because you would like the little things I can send your way.
I only have cut two people, 1 because he was insanely narrow minded the other because I was getting myspace virus from there profile. "I had to change this policy because of lots of requests from unchild friendly" profiles. Don't take it personally. The world is hard enough for a young teen.
If you are a lady and somehow feel like I have neglected you, I apologize.
Let me know-I tend to favor those who choose to write me. I am not a magician, I need input to give output.

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