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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Denial-The Everybody Syndrome

I have always been a keen observer of human behavior. Ever since college, the reasons people do what they do or why they do things has fascinated me. Recently I started looking at my own behavior and comparing it to others.I came to a strange conclusion about one amazing facet of human behavior; the concept of denial. I have always been pretty much a people person. Though I've had periods of seclusion I get real satisfaction in fairly strong personal relationships with those I know. I spend a great deal of time talking with friends and acquaintances and look at what I hear to see if I can find clues about why people do certain things. I started to think about the concept of denial and what it really means and how it seems to affect all of us.Cigarette smokers, drug addicts, sex addicts, individuals with strange quirks to their personality's, we all expect to have forms of denial for the continuance of there self destructive behavior. But I thought what kind of denial do people have that we all perceive to be normal? Is denial just restricted to those who have problems or does John Doe down the street with 5 kids also use denial as a form of escapism in his life. I decided that yes indeed John Doe is in denial and so is everyone.As a society we all tend to deny that anything horrible or bad will ever affect us as individuals. Though the 911 event affected directly people in New York the rest of us looked on from a far thinking, that wouldn't happen here. No that certainly couldn't happen in my town. Young drivers oblivious to the danger of driving recklessly or intoxicated religiously think-nothing bad will happen to me, I'm almost like superman. Young women out shopping in the malls spending money like water always seem to feel there will always be more income and I could never get fired-I'm indispensable at my job. Saving for bad times or a rainy day isn't necessary- Nothing bad will happen to me. Maybe it just helps us keep going everyday

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