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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Note To MySpace Friends

I spent some time going through my space profiles, mostly women since I'm a straight man and really prefer a womens company. And have tryed to get some people to become my friend here on MySpace. I really enjoy it when people are happy. God knows at 53 Ive seen alot of unhappiness, I walk the streets sometimes and I can just feel how miserable some people are. It used to be in America that people seemed happier. They had more fun in life and it just seemed easier. Now with the rise in cost of just about everything, the need for most families to have two working adults, life isn't as fun for many. People are far more afraid of strangers thanks to instant news about every concievable horrid thing sick people can dream up. And the simple acts of kindness and courtesy that used to be commonplace are now frowned on.

I decided that I needed to reach out and try to find some of the fun and happiness life can offer, but is seldom opened up to anymore. I have searched my space for people who have some love in there souls and some kindness in there being. I started to write to some of you, I am willing to listen and correspond. I found that many of the people here are really very nice people.

After looking at the photos of friends and family and some of the excerpts about some of you, that there are still really beautiful people out there. Not just the beauty of a young women, but also the inner beauty of someone who has matured and grown to be a genuinely kind and caring person. The kind of people we all need, to feel that life is worth livng and that not everyone is ready to feed on someone elses remains.

I hope that everyone who has become my MySpace friend will continue to write. And maybe with a little luck one of these foxy ladies might become more than just a penpal in my life.

Your all special-Thanks

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