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Thursday, February 14, 2008

911-Fact and Fiction

I have had several conversations with people concerning my distress over the increasing news about 911 and the end result -The Iraq war. The Link Below will take you to over 250 "experts" all engineers,architects, and demolitions experts. They ALL agree that the twin towers were professionally demolished. The DVD Movie!
Fema has "LOST" all evidence-Kinda like all the e-mails lost in regard to the cia leaks.
Some people get a notion in there heads that questioning the government is unpatriotic.
It tells us in our own constitution that we as citizens must remain vigilint. That it is our duty as citizens to vote. That we must question any impropriety.
Why?-because our freedom as Americans depends on it!
All the evidence points to a small group of people pulling some strings and trying to make people who question it, look like they are somehow against the government.
Bull Hockey-The government is composed of hundreds of thousands of people. Questioning A small group does not make one against the government.
Nixon resigned from office over a small break in-BUT HE DID COMMIT A CRIME-as president of the U.S.
No one is immune from corruption. So we as Americans
If you watch the movie above I guarantee you, you will have no doubts what so ever.
The Fact that Sadam Huesan was selling oil for Euro Dollars in and of itself would be enough of an economic incentive to go to war.
So for any of you who think that questioning the methods and motives of our government is unpatriotic

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