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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A note To Howie

Hi Howie,Thankyou for the note. The problems in our country started when I was your age. They predicted that we would run out of gasoline in 100 years. No one paid attention. 15 years ago global warming was being studied by scientists. A short time later they told the world what was taking place. No one paid attention. We fought a war for many years in vietnam, freedom was the moral justification-many years earlier president Eisenhower warned about the military industrial complex. We are still in Iraq and still support a giant military industrial complex-no one pays attention.For me at 53 if the world survives another 10 to 15 years I will probably be dead. It won't matter to me. Thats the problem-people die and do not seem to care enough about what will happen after they are gone. People like you have to make the choices which either allow you a life like mine or non existence.As an Entrepeneur-something I have been most of my life-You need to make money. It is the foundation of capitalism. But if the cost of economic growth is at the price of the entire planet. If personal freedom becomes the end of all things. Than none of the idealism or rhetoric means anything. And you will never be able to one day write a young man and say good luck!-Because there won't be anyGood Luck Howie-I wish you the best life can offer, I hope your journey is a full one. I will read about Ron PaulThankyou for writingGary

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