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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Smell Of Fear

Today I was again reminded of the unfairness of life.
I was leaving the Safeway grocery store alone. Minding my own business humming a tune. Suddenly a women I do not know who was walking in front of me blitzed for her car like a frightend rabbit. Nothing in my stride or demeaner ever means any harm. I have never hit or assaulted a women. Knowing full well that if I did, one I would go to jail. But more importantly I would hurt that women badly. This is not the first time I have inadvertantly found myself walking behind a single women who was on there way somewhere and decided that because I was behind them I was up to no good and planned an attack. I have to blame this in part on our media. Every time someone is injured in a street assault or rape it is in the news. It can be 1000 miles away but people act like it happened right next door. I have no doubt that there are many men in the world who cannot control their temper or who might commit a street assault. But the majority of we men are law abiding citizens who find rape and assault repungnant and would go out of our way to kick the ass of any guy we saw doing these crimes.
I realized that another part of the problem is relationships in which arguements take place and men hit their women. They just don't seem to be able to walk away. So naturally these women assume that all men are like this. They react sometimes fearfully to normal human occurances. I find this disturbing mostly because I do not like being judged by the actions of others.
But also because it creates a world in which women do not feel safe just walking down the street.
I would suggest that if you are a women who fears for her safety even in public places. That you take a self defence course and learn to protect yourself so that you will not be so afraid of normal life.
True predators feel fear, the same way an animal does.
Learning to defend yourself and not showing fear will make you safer from them. Cowards attack the fearful but tend to shy away from the confident.


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  1. Hi Gary, a very good point. I cancelled my subscription to the paper and stopped watching television about five months ago. My mind is working now in a more creative fashion. But on the other hand I did get carjacked last week...

    I've started a couple of Yuwie groups you may be interested in - they seem to go along with your theme. The Roundtable Security Group (a work in progress)is about tools and techniques, and an exchange of information about all the scams out there. Yuwie! Stop this garbage was started last night and appears to be an instant hit. Its focused on keeping the Yuwie neighborhood clean and tidy for all our friends. I think you'd make a great contribution to both. And drop by my page and read about the carjacking - its quite a story.



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