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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Great Day-Today

Why I had a great Day Today
It started out fairly normal, I went to get my usual super caffinated coffee at the Texico station across from where I work. The manager/owner-Im not sure which was in a fromp and I asked him why. He said my security system isn't working and the company wants $100 to come out and make it work. He was certain it was something simple. It was a computer setup, so I told him Id be happy to look at it for him. Sure enough it was as simple as installing some drivers for his video capture card and I put a viral scanner on his machine, something he didn't have. When the system booted and worked his eyes went so crazy wide. And the grin was great. His life might one day depend on that system or at the least the apprehension of a violent crimnal. I didn't charge him because I get coffee there everyday and he and I have slowly become friends. I need money just like everybody else. But sometimes helping your neighbor produces far more than money could ever buy. I left feeling good and he now feels safer.
Have a Great Day!-Gary

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  1. Making The World Smile

    This Week do me a small favor: Choose 3 and Do It!

    Hand the man or women begging at the freeway off ramp a $5

    Turn off the unneeded Lights in your home

    Walk somewhere instead of taking your car

    Take $25 and donate it to your favorite charity

    Kiss and hug your kids 3 times this week-minimum

    Tell your spouse you love them

    Tell someone how nice they look

    Plant a tree somewhere and don't tell anybody

    Send a message of love to everyone in your e-mail list

    Pass on 3 favors

    Call your Mom and Dad

    Call a friend you havn't spoken to for years

    Visit an old person

    Buy your wife or girl friend flowers

    Donate a couple hours at the local charity

    Adopt a homeless cat or dog

    Smile at someone you do not know

    Visit a sick friend

    Help someone change a flat tire

    Teach a young person something you know

    Give a teenager a job at home or at your work

    No matter what religion you follow Life is about Love and the renewal of Life, salvation and kindness, generosity and hope.

    Give a little and watch the world start to smile.



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