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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The New Horizon

I don't often get political, politics usually bugs me because Ive found it to be mostly phoney. But this year is a little different than most. A women and a Black both running for president. That gives me hope. Hope because I have walked down the streets of america for 53 years. When I look at most blacks,orientals,hispanics,asians-They Look away.
They look at the ground or throw me a look of discust or disdain. I am white-the perceived enemy, the racist, the bigot, the hypocrite. The symbol of racial inequality in America. I am not rich or powerful. I am a simple man with open minded ideals. The personnification of a true belief in racial equality and justice. But they do not know that. I have had good friends in every race. They do not know that. They only see the color of my skin and a sterotype. Maybe this year, the year when color and sex meet a political struggle, that real equality will begin to rein. That I can start walking down the streets of MY Country and see a change, a difference, in the way we all look at each other. Maybe America is finally growing up and truly becoming One Nation Under God,Indivisable, With Truth and Liberty for All. As an American I hope so.-Gary Graefen

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