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Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Be a Webmaster

It is difficult to describe what it can be like to be a Webmaster. As a computerist for well over 30 years now I have realized what the power of color and sound, music and words can do. I can generate emotional reaction. I can affect people with writing. I can try to get people to see things in a way they perhaps never thought of. Or entertain them with witty comments or funny things people have created. I do not have a boss to dictate what I write or "can it" if he doesn't like it. The political structure of our country has been built on the powers of persuasion on television. The many wars we have fought and are still fighting, have gathered support because of the power of media. Mega billions of dollars spent in the destruction of human Life. I am awed sometimes by this power...and frightend by it.
There are always some people who close their minds to the possible. Only define there thinking to the probable or the provable. But you try.
The one thing I cannot do on the Internet though, is reach out and touch someone. I cannot shake your hand or give you a warm smile. I cannot give you a hug or chuckle at something funny you might say.
So this note is a way to say to you-Yes I am real. I do care about people. Even those I do not know or have not met. The only tool I have is a note to tell you, yes I do care. The ability to use some color and song to try and brighten a moment in time. I can give you small pieces of me on the vast electronic plane we call the Internet. And hope that somehow I made a difference in your life-A good one.
I wish each and every one of you a wonderful New Year with Joy and Happiness, Prosperity and Grace.
Your Friend,

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