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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Won't You Represent Us President Bush

Dear President Bush,
I keep reading in the news about you chastising congress for not giving you what you want. Comparing the war we are in to the beginings of World War 2. Mr. President Osama Bin Laden is one man. He does not have an entire country or countries behind him. He has no manufacturing capabilities. He has no work force. He has only managed to damage 2 buildings in the entire U.S. and that was several years ago. The public does not support your war anymore. The congress does not support "YOUR" war anymore. Your pleas to continue to the tune of trillions of dollars into the future is catagorically rejected by most people in this country. Do you hear the people of your country Mr. President? You lied to us about weapons of mass destruction. You lied to us about the anticipated costs. And you continue to go on apparently oblivious to what we the people want. And seem to be readying for a declaration of war on Iran. In a normal work environment you would be asked to resign.
Mr President you where elected to represent US!
Why won't you do your job.

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