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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Global Warming

This was truly disturbing news today, ABC News-The arctic ice could be gone by 2012.
4 years and the worlds giant cooling system could be gone. The polar ice reflects massive amounts of the suns rays back into space. Without it, the earth will retain all that heat. Pushing global temperatures higher,more quickly, and to hotter temps than ever recorded.
It has been suggested to me that these occurances could be natural events. That man does not really have an effect on this.
If the temperatures are going to rise, no matter what the reason the end result is THE SAME-Hurricanes,floods,fresh water loss,species loss.
There is no time left to constrain the issue. It has to be now.
As an individual without the force of government or world leadership you as an individual must start making hard cold choices in your everyday life, or start suffering the consequences directly in as little as four years.
The denial you have been effecting will not save you from your own life choice.
Business as usual might kill millions-the time table for global energy reduction in emmisions is way past 2012.
Make your choices now-wait and the end might be sooner than you think.
This is data from the scientists you have put your faith in to make things better.
Observations made daily in the arctic
It is time to change or die-Please, do it now.

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