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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My response to The Text Below:
I like this alot-it is true. Sadly truth has no meaning unless there is a response to the truth. The world will not change even though the lessons of history dictate that it must. Why, because people do not care unless they are directly affected in their daily life. Until that time, most will not change. Most will not listen. This has always been true. It will be true until the end. I am convinced of this as much as the water I drink or the air I breathe. It is the sadest facet of human nature. Your people lived a different way. They saw a different light. Today most see the white way-That way is doomed. But it will be just that. The end-many will die. But perhaps with the death of this way-a new light will arise-One with the ability to last.One with harmony renewed,One that will continue.I wish you luck in your quest.Gary

The Sadness Of Our Time
There are many people who claim to care about the issues facing our People. Some are pure blood, some mixed blood, and some with no blood of our People at all. They talk a good talk. They speak loudly of what should and shouldn't be done to make changes for the better. They offer advice. They offer what they feel are solutions. Everyone has an opinion. Some are good ideas. Some are pure nonsense. Most mean well, at least they claim to. But answer me this. What good are words if no one listens, or I should say, what good is it if people listen....but they do not hear? What good are even the best ideas, the best plans, the best solutions....if no one puts them into action. I'll tell you what they amount to. They amount to nothing more than just dust in the wind. They matter not untill someone cares enough to take hold of them, to realise their value, and to put them into action. Only then is their true value realised. Only then do they gain substance that we can see and touch and reap the benifit of. Some people are better at this than others. They see the value in an idea and are willing to put forth the effort to make it a reality. Sometimes they do so with great sacrifices to themselves, but do so for the greater good of others. These are the true warriors. They fight many battles on many levels. They ask nothing in return but understanding and may be a lending hand now and then to see the battle to it's end. There is a great battle going on at this time. It might surprise some that this battle rages right here at home on this very soil. It has raged since Columbus first set foot on this soil. It is a battle of understanding, of equallity, of the very survival of a people. We recently lost a very great warrior in this battle, in the passing of Floyd Red Crow Westerman, but he left others behind who still continue the fight. There are many ways of fighting a battle. Of course there are the violent ways but there are also the ways of reason, of understanding. I want you to think about something that not one of you can deny. How many have preached that we need to find understanding, we need to all just get along? Well something is going to happen very soon now. Something that takes the words, floating on the wind like so much dust, and gives them form and substance. This thing is The Longest Walk II. It not only comemorates the original Longest Walk of 30 years ago, but it takes the words and ideas, floating on the wind, and snatches them out of the air. It builds upon them so that they are no longer just words. No longer just ideas. It makes them real. Something you not only can hear, but can see, touch and realise the benifit of. Those behind the walk are doing more than just talking about changes. More than just talking about solutions. More than just talking about what needs to be done. THEY ARE DOING IT! But what good is their sacrifices, their actions, their blood and sweat if no one cares? They are willing to lead the way but they are only a few in the scheme of things. They are people of great conviction and people of action....but they are not miracle workers. They need people to stand with them. They need people to help. They need people who don't just claim to care but who truly care enough to be a part of the sollution instead of settling for being a part of the problem. Are you one of those people? Are your words more than just dust on the wind? There is simply no excuse for not helping. None at all. Why? Because you can do so in many ways that count. You can do so by actually going on the walk, by donating what you can, or by simply spreading the word to those more able to help. In short, if you truly care. If you are more than just empty will find a way to help. You can read about the walk at To offer help or services contact Graywolf at This is your chance to proove you are more than just words. This is your chance to truly make a differance. To be more than just dust on the wind! So says Spirit Hawk ^i^

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