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Monday, February 24, 2014

Recent Thoughts By Gary Graefen

More Here They say that actions speak louder than words, Yet the pen is mightier than the sword. So I say speak softly and with intelligence and carry a big stick.

When I go to sleep at night, I do not feel pain or anguish. I am at peace with my maker. Knowing that I have spent a lifetime, and not had to kill anyone. Though there were times when I thought I "might" have to, I pity those who have. Every instance of potential deadly violence was defused with words or a light "scuffle". 
When you carry peace in your heart, you can have peace in your life. And with the right kind of belief, ever lasting life.

There are two kinda people in this world
Dirt Bags
And Good People, who on occasion are a dirt bags.

Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But what matters is-Who Gets Listened To The Most. Those who control the media control the hearts and minds of others. Another reason that an open internet is crucial for the benefit of mankind and a free and just society.

 If a scientist tells you there is oil on your property-you find joy in believing him. And you would probably go into debt to try and pump and sell the oil. But if the same scientist tells you global warming is real and has empirical evidence to support it. You choose not to believe him because it puts a crimp in your lifestyle expectations and makes you feel guilty. So what is the denial about?-YOUR DESIRES AS AN INDIVIDUAL TO MAKE THE GLOBAL WARMING BOOGY MAN GO AWAY, SO YOU CAN DO AS YOU PLEASE AND NOT FEEL GUILTY. Denial is a bitch folks

There are times when all of us feel lonely or that life isn't what we think it should be.

I have these feelings, but then feel ashamed of myself. I watch as people come into my place of business, they hobble and can barely walk. Or they have some sort of physical deformity or bad damage to their face. They may have trouble speaking or even getting money out of there pockets. I look at them and feel sympathy and pain for them. Knowing there is little I can do. Then I think about myself and my thoughts. How ungrateful I am sometimes about the blessings which have been bestowed on me in life. Sure I have had my share of pain and sorrow. But I have been mostly healthy through out life. Have been considered by some to be attractive. And except for short periods of time, have never really suffered badly. So today I am reminding myself-yes God has loved me, yes he has cared for me, yes from now on I will try to be more grateful and less resentful. Because I could have been one of those who's lives are really bad which I see everyday. But I was spared from that. And never want to be ungrateful for it.


I love the hypocrisy of corporate CEO's -It's only ok if it's not near my house-REAL SCUMBAG here.

When I get the chance, and I browse friends profiles perhaps the most striking thing, is what people tend to post. No one ever captures people screaming at each other. Unless your a nihilist, we store memories of the happiest moments in our lives. or beautiful photos. Perhaps because happiness is the fundamental thing we look for as people. Maybe why I have learned to love the smiley  . It always makes me happy to see people loving each other. Doesn't matter if it's family or friends. So For 2016 I wish you 365 days of smiles, laughter and joy. i am gonna try hard  and hope you will to.-Gary

Yes it is becoming a real issue-Stop your carbon output as much as you can. Lights off when not in use-walk when you can,turn appliances down if possible,keep house heat at a lower level you can tolerate.
The 4th warmest January on record. This isn't a coincidence. It's a crisis.

here is how I look at the issue, for millions of years plants died and were buried. Under compression it created oil. We decided in our infinite wisdom to burn millions of years in under 100. And the planet has 50% fewer trees to absorb co2. Only so much co2 can escape into outer space. it is bound to accumulate. This is fact. So I think it's not about if--just when. Like I said I will probably be dead-so will you. But my grand kids-I am not so sure. Is it safe to assume that everything will be ok-for me sure-but that's not very "human" towards others.

Blaming an entire sex,religion, or group because one person hurt you. Is like trying to get bananas banned because you slipped on a peel.

I guess I am irritated-Losing a "friend", because someone else writes a joke that I think is funny and repost it-and they do not see the "funny" and then drop me because my other friends stick up for me was like-Really?
If you are so thin skinned in life that what others post bothers you that much-drop me please-I don't need the dumb head trips. THIS PLACE IS FREE-I don't get paid for what I do here. I do get paid for other places I participate in. And should not have to feel bad because of someone I don't really know.

I have found-yes sometimes. I am better than you-because I have more money

Thought I would pass along a note-about Computers. I was using mine last night-suddenly it started acting flaky-so I rebooted. The bios said I see no hard drive. Tried again-same issue. I was to tired to deal with it-so I put another in its place. Woke up-opened it up unplugged the hard drive, and the memory-then put it back. Hit the power button-it booted up and worked just fine. Its all those cable and circuit connections. They oxidize over time and break connection. Unplug and replug-problem is gone. I have seen many computers sent to the dump that were just fine-They just needed the cables undone and redone

I was reading a blog somewhere and there was a post by a women who wrote:I don't like these Facebook pages about happiness, there almost cult like. Then I thought about what I do with my friends help-and I thought ok maybe it is a bit up beat-but who in the hell can't use a hand up. What is wrong with seeking joy over misery?-I have lots of bad days-but inside I need to try and find some joy. So who is really hurt here?

Through out the world there are references To God, In every culture there is one.

And on and on

But what I find TRULY arrogant is that some take the writings about God

And turn it into a personal manifesto of hatred,violence and arrogance.

Allow GOD to decide what is right and wrong. God no matter his name.

Has the ultimate choice as to who will be saved and who will not.

Open mind open heart-because in the end, it will all come out in the wash.

Live,Love,Share,Believe,Hope And Dream Faith can heal

Fun Game Link I Found-Its called crazy squares

Good Luck LOL

I really wish that people were as concerned about what corporations do with government handouts, and private bank bailouts, as they are with how the poor spend there $120 a month in food stamps, the typical allotment around here for an individual-sorry folks but to many of you think upside down 

I could imagine Galileo sitting staring through his improved telescope at the moon. Suddenly out of no where he sees two figures making there way across the landscape dressed in white and laying out what appears to be a flag. He is called a mad man and crazy. Perhaps the biggest problem of man is the lack of faith. In himself and a larger picture. That over time things will be solved and that destiny is always a variable quantity. Time always takes care of itself. All that really matters to us individually is that we make the very most of what time has offered each of us. Each day is a new possible direction in destiny. Just don't waste it.-Gary

Ok, so I get how some people "NEED" their cell phone-which I find sad-But I am REALLY getting tired of people who come in to do business, having a conversation on there cell and ignoring me entirely-IT IS RUDE. And I really do not think that a cell addiction is healthy for a normal person. If your around others please-put your damn phone down!

True-forget the trivial. realize we are all unique. Open your heart and let people be who and what they are. Allow love, and everything will start to be ok.

From Afar,
I love you. Your laughter lights my heart. I see the beginnings of a soul with wisdom and joy. I wish to get close. To make the hurt go away. I would open the door. But you make that impossible. You hurt yourself everyday. It is not something you can control. I would beg,I would plead. But I know it will do no good. So I linger with a hunger. Perhaps in another time, or another reality. How sad it makes me feel. How I wish it could be.

Quotes By Gary Graefen 2014

Ok here is the trouble-I have nothing against Islam as a personal religious preference. But the constitution of the United States, the country I choose to live in, recognizes religious freedom. No where does it state that business's or individuals "must" cater to the demands of any given religion. Or that I must serve "ANYONE" who might offend my senses or present a potential risk to myself or business property. I don't let hoodies in because many hide guns in them or use them for easy shop lifting. I can use the same logic where a habib is concerned. An easy place to hide a weapon or stolen merchandise. Pure logic. So when muslims start asking for preferential treatment in the work place-I AM AGAINST IT. If they cannot adapt to the American way like everyone else-THEY SHOULD LEAVE. Like I said tonight I am making trouble. Why am I writing this, because apparently Home Depot is "training" it's managers to be muslim sensitive. No one ever made me take a class on Christian, Jewish, Or Buddhist sensitivity. If people do not stand up for there belief than what has America come to?

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;it is something you design for the present. 

They say that laughter is the best medicine.
Seldom do you see someone beating the crap out of somebody while there laughing.

One can be brilliant,witty,attractive,intelligent,forceful,dynamic,competent,professional, but if you have no kindness or love in your heart your still empty.

Everyone is handed a certain amount of power in life,
The smartest people in life, are those who learn not to use it.

No your life isn't perfect, yes people will cause you pain. The lotto is a myth for 99% and when it rains it pours. But given a choice, 99.9999 % still choose life. Because on any given day, even when it rains. One can still smile, and find one simple reason to say thank you. And tomorrow, or next week, or even next year-something gives and suddenly the woes give way. I am here by the simple virtue of finding just one thing good in each and everyday. Even if it's just my morning coffee  I have almost died 4 times-each time I wanted and chose life. So now-I make that reality enough. And when my time does come. I know I did my best, and have faith that, that was enough.

Too Fat
Too Thin
Too Talkative
Too Ugly
Too Attractive
Too Black,
Too White,
Too Perfect
Too Imperfect
Too Intelligent
Too Dumb
Too Many Bad Habits
Too Much Perfection
Too Much This Is Whats Wrong With Others.
Too Be Who And What You Are Is
Too Be Whats Right With The World
Never Change For Others-Just Be You, And Proud Of It 

To some love seems to be someone who gives you an orgasmic rush every now and again. But real love is a memory, of moments when someone made you laugh uncontrollably. Or you see their photo and have warm thoughts. Or a simple expression they use. Everytime you hear it, you think of them. Love is a connection of the mind, first and foremost. When I think of women I have loved, I don't see a sex act. I remember a smile, a way of thinking, a genuine desire to share a hug, a soft whisper, l love YOU, and a promise, I will never forget 

.............You learn in life who cares and who matters by those who say, I am your friend. But you never hear from them. They never write. It is a self serving concept in their own mind. A simple how have you been? Can go a long way....-Gary

Too All Things There Is A Purpose, In All Things Some Pain, But If I Had To Do It Over, I Would Grin, And Say Lets Have At It...Again smile emoticon
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