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Friday, December 30, 2016

When Do You Get Democracy ?

Some things in America, are not about if I agree or dis-agree. they are about following the process. About opening our laws up to VOTING. Not executive write ins. Or burying laws in 500 page bills.
I thought in America we had a say, In how we are governed. What Happened?

Mary Jane Rank-Whelan We allowed them too much control to all the wrong corrupt people
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Ann Bailey Government has to much power.Now everything is about the money.
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Lois Lenning McGarry Yes what did happen,my parents would be very upset, if they were alive and would be wondering how we are coping.
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Ladymae Walters Government Overreach and far far too many social programs ...
People are afraid to speak up for fear they will lose their social hand outs .
Get Americans back to work .
Its good for moral .
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Sharon Hermanson Dishonest, immoral people in Washington.
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Julia Gallagher-Purtill For the good of me...not all
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Sc Young It's called illuminati corruption!
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Sue Hacker Manipulating frauds!
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Suzzane Neale Career Politicians!
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Wanda Mills We slowly lost control of holding our officials accountable. We got lazy and complacent with our lives. We didn't call them out when we should have. We let things slide. We were too nice! We were also fed bs from the major news stations. Truth became lies, lies became truth. If you didnt dig deep enough you swallowed the lies. But if you do a little research on your own you can piece things together for yourself. The truth is out there you just have to dig for it.
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Carol A. Burnett So true!!!
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Wanda Mills You are right Gary!
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QueenMizellen Tate Good question
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Michele Jaynes Omg. Perfect.
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Carol A. Burnett Excellent question.
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Bonnie B Julien what happened, is a bunch of rich or elites decided we are a bunch of peons. each faction is fighting for the control of our country. we are like ants in their sights.
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Colleen Coccia Good question
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Valorie Lowe Good question
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Robert Dixon It was all a joke.
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