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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 An Era Ends

Thank You Rae Jones :)
Thank you 2016..... You taught me many sad and hard things. You taught me that my dreams are easily shattered. ..But dreamers can still dream...That people can use my kindness and compassion to mock me....Yet I can still laugh at myself ( and others)...That some people can use my generosity purely for their own gain or advancement. .Yet taught me there is joy in giving.....That my hopes are hopeless....But that wherever there is hope there is endless possibility.....2016, You also taught me that broken hearts can be put back together....And though my heart is scarred it still beats in tune with the rhythm of life....And the main thing you taught me 2016 is that ... No matter how hard a kick I take I have the strength to face it and carry on. .So R I P 2016 you will soon be gone and, though not forgotten, you will reside in the shadow of my soul while I go on to appreciate former and better years more...And enjoy future, better years in the sunshine of my life.......

So many times over the years I have thought..... I need to quit or slow done on Facebook. But then I will read a truly magnificent piece written by someone with heart and love in their spirit. They do not get paid or even have credentials. Just a person in the world who suddenly has a spirit speak to them in a moment of supreme clarity and love. I read it and go oh wow that really tears into me. I can relate , smile and feel the warmth in this. And many times find a creative way to express this same ideal in another form. Something again unique, but the same. One of the reasons I am "addicted" to Facebook if you will, is because of how many times each day someone in the world touches me in a profound and loving way. And then I get to share that with others and hopefully "make a difference" in someone else's life. And when your doing that you get a feeling inside like maybe things will be ok. That there is still Love and Kindness, and Generosity, Hope and Faith in the world :) .
Today i was lucky enough to read and share one of those Ideal moments. It felt I am telling you.

I would hope that the year 2017 brings you Joy. That you will find happiness in your days, the wind in your sails. The Sun in your face, and smiles in your dreams.
I thank everyone who has been a friend here. Love to those who have so profoundly moved me in some moments. The wonderful love you have shown me in comments. The amazing video's , photos, and songs you took the time to share with me.
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of wonderful souls who have hung out with me................ Thank You <3 -Gary

 When I ran my business in LA. I traveled the entire city for 18 years. There wasn't a nook or cranny I had not been to. And even in the "democratically" controlled reaches LOL the city was divided into racial and country specific neighborhoods. You have china town, Jewish enclaves in west Hollywood, Mexican areas, white areas,black areas. This was not by design. it came about because of the fear we have of people not like us. Though the country might be considered a melting pot. The people themselves have to open up to change.-Gary Graefen

Diversity Is Love From God

I think for 2017 I am going to wish for Empathy......the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. I wish......
I could get a rich man and a homeless man to swap places for a week. I wish I could get a judge or policeman to spend a week in their own jail. I wish I could get a politician to understand what it means to maybe die for lack of health care. I wish I could get people to step out of their personal world and see what it is really like to be forced to live "on the other side of the tracks". I feel your pain is BS, until you have actually suffered it.-Gary Graefen

There are 2 types of Facebookers....the ones who are on everyday and have fun....and those who log in every 30 days to make sure their relatives aren't talking shit about them.....

Carrie Fisher Dies at 60 2016 :(
I have had so many people tell me OH........your not Old.
Yet when you outlive thousands even though the CLOCK might say not ancient..................... you still know your old and could pass on.

With the Sad passing of George Micheal I decided he needed a memory. This has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs.
And as long as millions are alive not forgotten.

I have stood there....and helplessly, watch as someone was hit by a car crossing at the sidewalk properly. The tunnel vision produced by people walking in a daze on cell phones makes things worse. To many bubbles people put themselves into. Watch what transpires around you. Walk with purpose and vigilance. Look at the world around you for possible harm. Keep a HEADS UP as they say.
There is nothing worse than trying to pick up the pieces of a tragedy.

For 2017 Just be aware of what is taking place around you. It is really all one has.-Gary

Yes I Am, a real person who has sensibilities and feelings. Yes I have beliefs about what America is and should be. No I am not a blind follower who will believe anything I am told just because someone else is good with a computer. I will validate my beliefs with study and due diligence. I will not take anything at Face Value anymore. I will become informed and enlightened. I will attempt to be honest in my dealings with others. Provide real facts and not opinion. I will do my very best for 2017 to be a real American. One who has learned that facts are far more important than opinion. I resolve to be real and honest for 2017. And do the very best that i know how to do.-Gary

Today I was talking with a friend and mentioned the post today about another post which incensed me with it's built in hatred and bigotry.
He related to me this experience at a local super market. The grocery store clerk is a gay male. He is hiding nothing but dressed and taught to act appropriately. A customer comes to his station and starts a dialog. You know it's a new world now. Donald Trump is president. Sodom and Gomorrah will be coming. People like you should change their ways. And an additional un-requested slur. Business's already are dropping clients who seem to think suddenly that open season on Gays, Muslims, and people with green eyes are fair game now. Courtesy is still expected. A persons life style as an American is not my business. If I am in business even more so. From my religious point of view: Christ forgave hookers and whores, blasphemers, he bathed the feet of his followers, he taught charity and giving. No where in the New Testament does it say that Christ would not forgive any who have sinned and asked for forgiveness.
He healed the sick. His attitude towards man was Loving as a whole.
So in your zeal to suddenly come out of the closet with hatred rhetoric. Pause and think what would Christ Really Say?

Success in life is a variable definition. But I have found there are two ways of thinking. A successful person has a mentality: What will go right, and focuses on making that happen. An unsuccessful person focuses on what will go wrong. Then never tries at all.

When someone dies and we must say goodbye. Sometimes tis better to feel with a gleeful heart. That things are as they are supposed to be and that with faith and love we shall meet again. <3 span=""> -Gary,

Dear President Trump.......
My life sucks, no job, no money, no where to go. I know you just took office but I blame you. Your official future policy is going to destroy my life even further. I realize that we are not really sure what that will even be. But because your a Republican....... It's All Your Fault.
Sincerely, I was just born a loser and can't get past it.....

Grumpy Cat By Gary

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