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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Note to a Gold Digger

Hi ,I will say you are very pretty. Ok so I will bite. What do you think you and I have in common?. I have lots of things which go on in my head about the past,present and future. I have endured and prospered and failed both. I have a genuine love of people in general and at the same time hate them for the stupid things they sometimes do. Sometimes I hate myself for some of the stupid things I have done. I believe in God and a higher power. Mostly because of the things that have happened to me in life. I have almost died 3 times, yet I am still here. I wonder why. I have been no saint, I have done things some consider wrong. But at the same time I have tryed to be the best Man I can and gone out of my way to ease the pain of others. I have a nature of I don't care what others think or believe. I am me and proud of it. I am thought of by some as being gifted. But at the same time do not feel very special at all. Just a man trying to do what he can in an insane world. I wake up everyday with a need to accomplish something. It doesn't have to be specular, just something which has some sort of meaning to someone. I write,do digital photography,am a web master, and have been called Dad by many. I believe in the equality of man and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Even the "bums" on the street. If they ask me for something I give it to them . I am not afraid-I do some things most people would not.-Not to say I'm stupid, if a man points a gun at me-I fear his intent. But I have and do try to talk him out of taking my life. If only for the sanction of his own soul. So the ball is in your court-be open, honest and tell me what makes you tick. Are you a leader or a follower. Are you open to new things and ideas. Do you have a nature of open mindedness or do you close your mind to things. Tell me about yourself.
This was a very fast reply to someone wanting to get to know me. it probably is the most accurate thing Ive written-Thankyou to the Friend who wrote me.

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