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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Certain Death and Dying

My wife and my children had decided that we needed to go to on a picnic. As usual with five children it was quite an ordeal. After bundling everybody up and loading the car, then stopping at the store to pick up food, we made our way to the freeway. As usual it was bumper to bumper all the way to Malibu Canyon Road. We finally arrived at the park after about one hour. After unloading the car and setting up the picnic table we decided to take a hike back through the mountains of Malibu Canyon. On our journey we found a small ghost town. This ghost town had been created for an old movie set; they used to do westerns here. We spent a couple of hours wandering in and out of the buildings and playing cowboy with children. The kids decided they were hungry, so Kathy left with them back to our picnic table. I decided that I wanted to continue up the canyon and see what was ahead. I walked for at least two hours, and came to a large part of canyon wall that had a giant cliff. The only way across was to cross the Cliff. By now it was about 6:00 p.m. and starting to get dark. I realized that if I tried to go back the way I came, it would be dark and I might get lost in the canyon. So the intelligent human that I am, I decided to cross the Cliff. I decided that in order to do it safely I needed to be on my back and crabwalk across the Cliff. Approximately half way across my foot slipped. I started to slide, I knew that if I fell off the Cliff I would be killed. The drop was at least 50 feet and covered with boulders at the bottom. One never really knows how frightened you can be until you're faced with what appears to be certain death. I screamed at the top of my lungs God help me I cannot die now I have five children to care for. My concern at that moment was really not about myself, I genuinely was worried about how my family would get along. I was struggling madly to try and slow my descent. Suddenly 1 1/2 feet before the edge of the Cliff I just stopped sliding. It was as if a giant hand reached out and grabbed me to keep me from going over the edge. My belief in God the Almighty was completely reinforced that day. I never questioned my belief in God again.
We live a world of scientific proof. I only believe if it can be repeated. People even doubt what they see with their own eyes. Many stories are told through centuries of time. But if I didn't see it or it never happened to me I do not believe. Faith is about belief from the heart-not the head. God answers when the heart is in the right place. And not until then.

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