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Friday, October 2, 2015

Gary On Religious Faith

I do not feel that all good comes from religious faith. Any more than I think that religious faith makes everyone good. The Popes recent statement about atheists going to heaven has many scratching their heads. I find a twist there which is difficult to accept. But am not a Catholic. I have people on my friends list who do not share my beliefs. They are there because I must accept that all of us are allowed to choose. Even the worst man, can have some good in him
So I look for that. I do not have to agree, If one obeys the law, respects the rights of others, uses charity and good will in their thinking and actions. Then I can respect them. Salvation, that's a power beyond my providence. I leave that to a power far greater than my own.-Gary

It is not religion which is corrupt
It is evil men who twist religion.
Then convince others.

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