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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When Someone Is Blue

Today a good friend here was down and feeling blue. Getting that thought, oh so many problems, so much pain, to many suffering
I certainly am no stranger to these thoughts. The very existence of this profile is because we all need somewhere to see the good in life. The kindness, love and compassion, that is essential for well being and for forming a purposeful life.
To many times I have held the hand of some one who is dying. Listening to the regret of unfulfilled dreams, and the sorrows of a mortal life. But I try to arise every day with a purpose, I choose to hope and dream for a world which is free of strife. On those days when I feel like I should just throw in the towel someone reminds me how precious life is. Often times that's here, right on Facebook. We can as a race fix what is broken. We can unite in a common purpose choosing love over war, peace over animosity. The key is to just never stop talking, never stop acting, at our own personal level. We can change through setting an example in our daily life. Hope is something indomitable. I just use it, and show it-Gary 😊

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