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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Invasive Weeds In Imperial County

Imperial County Weed Management Area
Weed Management Areas (WMA)s are local organizations that bring together land owners and managers (private, City, County, state, and federal) to coordinate efforts and expertise against invasive weeds. A federal agency or the agricultural commissioner normally initiates WMAs in California. WMAs are unique because they attempt to address both agricultural regulatory weeds and wildlife weeds under one local umbrella of organization. WMAs have printed weed ID/control brochures, organized the weed education events, coordinated demonstration plots, and instituted joint eradication, mapping, outreach, and other weed management projects.

Negative effects of invasive noxious weeds
Loss of wildlife habitat
Reduced the livestock grazing capacity
Increased soil erosion and topsoil loss
Diminished water quality
reduced agricultural production
Reduced land value and sale potential
Cost of controlling established weeds
What are Invasive Noxious Weeds?
A noxious weed is any plant that is troublesome, aggressive, intrusive detrimental, or destructive to urban areas, agriculture, or native plants and is difficult to control or eradicate.Invasive weeds also called "exotic weeds" which are not native to this area.
Weed Watch
We Need Your Help!
As part of the weed management areas efforts to identify
locations of invasive noxious weeds, we need your help.
Please report finds of suspected invasive noxious weeds to:
Agricultural Commissioners Office
Pest Detection and Eradication Dept.

Or write at:
Imperial County Weed Management Area
C/o Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner
150 South 9th Street El Centro Ca. 92243

For more information about the Imperial County Weed Management Area(ICWMA}
Or about invasive noxious weeds contact:
Imperial County Agricultural Commissioners Office
150 South 9th Street El Centro Ca. 92243
Fax 760-353-9420

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