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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Imperial Valley Health Department

The Imperial Valley Health Department
935 Broadway
El Centro Ca. 92243

Vaccines for mature audiences
If you are sixty years of age or older protect yourself with these vaccines for adults.
Now you can get an immunization to prevent pneumonia. Pneumonia is a very serious life-threatening disease for seniors. If you are 65 years of age or older you need the protection of pneumococcal vaccine.
Why do I need pneumococcal vaccine?
You need this vaccine to protect yourself against pneumonia; pneumococcal pneumonia and its complications are often very serious.
Sometimes antibiotic treatment fails to work. Even if antibiotics are successful the patient has suffered discomfort, anxiety possible hospitalization, along period of recovery.
Will pneumococcal vaccine protect against all kinds of pneumonia?
No there are many forms or types of pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia is one of the most common. It sometimes follows a bad cold, a bout of flu, or other type of chest infection. There are many different types of pneumococcal pneumonia; vaccines protect against most of these.
Will I need pneumococcal immunization every year?
No unlike influenza, which requires another immunization every fall, only one pneumococcal immunization is needed for an adult's lifetime.
If you already have received pneumococcal vaccine (it has been available in California since the late 1970s) he should not have another dose. Your protection will not be improved by a second dose
After I get pneumococcal vaccine will I still need an annual flu shot?
Yes you should get a flu shot each fall to protect against the strains of influenza virus expected during the upcoming winter flu season. If you are over 60 don't miss your annual flu shot
But I'm healthy why should I get a flu shot?
If you are sixty years of age or older you should get a flu shot every year in the fall, even if you are an excellent health. Younger persons who have certain chronic health conditions such as heart or lung problems, kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, anemia or severe asthma also should get an annual flu shot each fall.
If it has been over ten years since your last tetanus shot you need a booster now. Today most cases of tetanus or lockjaw occur in older persons. Tetanus does not always need a puncture wound from a rusty nail or dirty cut with an old tin can. It can strike after a simple scratch from a rose thorn.
Even if you received the basic series of three tetanus shots in the past you still need a TD booster shot every ten years to maintain protection.
This combination vaccine also protects you against diphtheria.
How do I know if I had the basic tetanus series?
If you served in the armed forces in World War II or thereafter you very likely received a tetanus vaccine series. Many individuals over age 50 have never received this series. You will need three tetanus shots in an eight to twelve-month period for your protection, and boosters every 10 years thereafter.
After you get a tetanus booster another shot is usually not needed for ten years. However if you suffer a puncture wound or a severe or dirty wound, five or more years after your last dose you'll need tetanus shot during wound treatment.
Keep a record of your immunizations with your other health documents or in your wallet. Pneumococcal vaccine is given only once in a lifetime. Your future doctor may need to know when you received this important immunization. Make sure you have the doctor or clinic record it on your immunization record.
In most cases tetanus boosters should not be repeated sooner than every ten years. It is also important to keep your record of tetanus immunizations and boosters. Flu shots usually are not recorded on a permanent personal immunization record. This is because they are given every year. However for your own information keep the receipt of your doctor or clinic with your immunization record or other health documents.
Where you can get these vaccines
These vaccines are available from your regular doctor or clinic or in most cases from your local health department.
Pneumococcal and tetanus vaccines can 

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