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Friday, May 17, 2019

Politics... It Sucks

Politics as unsavory as it might be. Is still the way we run our lives at the government level. Somethings cannot be left alone. In civics class in high school you were taught. It is your duty as an American to be aware, to vote. And exercise due diligence in such matters. That means to stay abreast of current events. To actually READ what goes on in our Democracy. To understand how our system of government actually works. To NOT DO SO. Makes you UN-American. I am not for any one individual in American politics. They come and go like burgers at Mcdonalds. But I am for Americans making sure the system is fair, that people are represented fairly. And that "The Process" is respected and untainted. ANY leader who violates their oath of office... Democrat or Republican should be removed. In wartime a deserter is shot. Though we do not shoot politicians. they need to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. That is the American way. -Gary

Donald Trump Obstructed Justice

But A President Cannot Be Charged.
"Anyone else in the United States would be charged with a crime"

“A strong market economy is essential to protecting our critical natural resources and fostering a legacy of conservation. My administration is committed to being effective stewards of our environment while encouraging opportunities for American workers and their families.” Trump added: “At the same time that our nation is experiencing historic economic and job growth, our air and water quality ranks among the highest in the world.” He stated that his administration has “expanded support for conservation of land, water and wildlife.” Last year, U.S. government scientists issued a 1,000-page climate change assessment that warned the country faces hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses due to rising temperatures, flooding, and wildfires. Thousands of Americans are expected to die in worsening heatwaves, with diseases such as West Nile, dengue fever, chikungunya, and Lyme set to expand in range as temperatures rise and rainfall patterns change. “The fact that they’re not mentioning what many consider to be the gravest existential threat facing humanity is a good indication of the priorities of this administration,” said Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A;M University.

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