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Friday, May 17, 2019

Trash And Government BullShit

No my personal observations are not a government conspiracy, nor a move by the left or right, not an attempt by scientists to guarantee their survival, most already have very secure positions. Temperatures here in Seattle are set to hit a new record high this weekend of 85 Fahrenheit in May..... I have traveled extensively in my own country. Seen deforestation first hand. Watched the ice melt at both poles and float off into the oceans in movies and photos. Ocean water levels taken daily with a continuous rise. Read about the continuous deforestation in South America. The constant and continuous pumping of co2 from fossil fuels into the atmosphere. The constant production of ozone destroying agents which eventually seem to find there way back into the atmosphere. Measurements taken daily from the space station we helped build. Warnings from NASA...those brilliant guys who actually work for our own government and who put man on the moon. Oil accidents killing billions of tons of plankton which create the air we breathe..... Then I have to listen to an insufferable fool, a TV game show star who according to the Times wrote off billions of dollars in losses in his "Empire" to pay no taxes, and listen to him tell me in his egocentric way what a world star he is. While leaders of almost all other nations laugh at him. As he takes us out of everything which has been done to try and protect MY PLANET TO. Ignoring sense and human decency. Taking credit for an economic rise which happens every 8 to 10 years like clock work and is built into our economic system. And if and when the cycle swings south again it will be the fault of the Democrats....LOL. Your world is dying. You can tell me "your opinion " and I can refute it with more facts and science than the dim wit is capable of comprehending. And if you think the capitalist Messiah is someone special.... just read his tweets sometime. You do not have to be allowed membership to actually read them. Your children are screaming for action..... and all you care about is what corporate earnings look like this year. Your home is starting to look like a back alley in trash and disgust. You have forsaken your GOD APPOINTED DUTY to protect what he has given you. And you use selfish greed and rhetoric to justify inaction. You refuse to accept social responsibility, or even change your ways moderately to try and extend the life of our shared planet. It is sad, it is wrong, it is an abomination. And when the I told you so actually hits you in the head with a flood, a giant storm, or your town or seaside is covered in water. I fear you will still again find a reason to say "It's Not True" God please help us all.

Watch 27 Years of 'Old' Arctic Ice Melt Away in Seconds. The total amount of Arctic sea ice is near record low for this time of year. The amount of ice isn't the only big story, though. A video from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows a disturbing trend in the age of Arctic ice. Since 1988, Arctic sea ice is getting younger, and young ice is not a good thing. In 1988, ice that was at least 4 years old accounted 26 percent of the Arctic's sea ice. By 2013, ice that age was only 7 percent of all Arctic sea ice. The vanishing act is occurring because climate change is helping warm the ocean waters in parts of the Arctic. Those warmer temperatures are whittling away at older sea ice during the summer melt season. Replacing this thicker, harder old ice with young ice, which is generally thinner and melts more easily, is also contributing to the steep decline in summer sea ice extent and could trigger a feedback loop. That's because less ice means more dark ocean water is exposed to the sun, which absorbs more of the incoming sunlight than white ice. That means warmer waters, which could in turn mean even less old ice and ice cover with each passing year. climate change al gore global warming proof ice melting arctic

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