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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Broken Dreams On Facebook

In 1972, I explored the Wonders Of A Computer. Millions of people have seen something I did with one. I have grown old with some in social networks. Given them my all. And each and every time watched as some "Whipper Snapper" created some good code. Got famous, became rich and then trashed there own platform. I did not sign here for snap chat. AI does not create , it mimics. Music has been a GIANT portion of my life. It helps to create a mood. Engenders the thoughts and feelings of billions..... take that away. And many have nothing. I am not leaving. But will not be able to "BE WHO I AM" here anymore. I will be changing, I think beyond a poorly done selfie.... -Gary

Bring Back YouTube Facebook.....It's A GIANT MISTAKE thousands of women have loved me for what I could do.

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