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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Crazy Eyes

Your flipping through the news, or walking down the street. You see someones photo or notice them talking. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. I have found this to be true. There is a sort of bulge or look in some. I call it crazy eyes. Like there is no soul behind the gleam. Charles Manson had this kind of look. When you encounter this type of individual, If your empathic at all. You feel a coldness, a strong sense of evil and foreboding. It is enough to make you almost feel sick, you cross the street trying to stay as far away as you can. They seem to radiate a type of evil in their thinking and often times actions, it makes you want to run. Many religions talk about possession, or being possessed by demons. Minions of the under world who reek havoc on earth. There are hearts that have nothing but evil in them. They have no compassion, never try to understand. Actions from them are as cruel as cruel can be. Some will say it is a product of a bad childhood. Or that they never stood a chance. If you believe in Christianity you are told in the bible that demons walk among us. People possessed by the devil causing pain and suffering. Lots of people say this is a myth, and not true. I have found the opposite. I have watched murder and mayhem. Seen the actions of these demons among us. Felt there power. And then turned my back. Facing the light is the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. It has brightened my spirit and enlightened my mind. Opened doors that had remained closed. Allowed me to feel and think in ways I doubted. It is ok that there are demons among us. The key is learning when you must cross the street.-Gary,

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