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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ning Network Users Don't Matter !

I seldom rail, at 61 I have seen it all on the internet.
   I owned a bulletin board system before the internet even existed. But if I have learned anything at all it's that the user matters. Several years ago I signed up for a Ning network. Worked very hard creating my system, uploading files,creating a user base. Just WORKING HARD, to make something viable. Suddenly Ning in it's ultimate wisdom decided that they had to charge for a Ning social network system. Sure I was offered the opportunity to now pay them, but if I did not-all my hard work would vanish. Which is exactly what happened. Hours and hours of labor and thousands of users now just GONE!. Oh yes, I was upset, but what was I to do?. Then a bit latter I encountered the Humanity Healing network. They paid Ning to setup. I thought ok I might not be able to have my own network, but at least I can have a profile. So again I spent hours creating a nice profile page, uploaded gillions of photos,added video,created my own images, and even uploaded files. So after about 1 month, suddenly my profile was in accessible. I was sent a note that I was considered a spammer. I never even sent out an email. Why was I a spammer?-because i linked to my blogs at Google, and linked to the files I had uploaded-with nings permission!-but they didn't like the bandwidth use. So AGAIn!--hours and hours of tedious build time-just vanished again. All my friends all my hard work gone overnight. I was fed UP with Humanity Healing, and The Ning network
     I said GOODBYE to ning! Well recently I received an email to join another new network called starseed. Evidently they had gotten my email from Humanity Healing and Ning. But I thought, ya know it's been along time. And I really did enjoy Nings system. Plus I managed to accumulate lots of users. So I joined starseed-Or Cosmic Nation. I spent an entire evening, uploading photos, creating a beautiful profile, putting in html, getting friends. The VERY NEXT DAY- MY NEW NETWORK PROFILE-vanished AGAIN! All my hours of work, gone. No ACCESS Evidently there was some sort of Issue between Humanity Healings admin and starseed about email address's. 2000 people had signed up in a matter of days-all lost their profiles, there uploads, and messages. AGAIN! after 5 years-The NING NETWORK and Humanity Healing cost me hours and hours of time and effort. And hundreds of accumulated friends. No compensation, No apology-Just f you! and goodbye. I have had Google Blogs for years and years, Had a free website for years and years. NEVER lost data or my user base. BUT EVERY SINGLE TIME-I have tried to use a Ning Network I have LOST EVERYTHING. And don't get me started about HUMANITY HEALING-there 502 status is a sham-they really do not care about there users AT ALL-and Both Ning and Humanity Healing have this NOW BACKWARD attitude about what spam is. With auto spam in every email system now-who cares? IT IS JUST AN EXCUSE TO DO AS THEY PLEASE-and screw you the user. So my advise to you? Stay AWAY from Ning Networks, Stay away from Humanity Healing Tired of my time and effort losses! They are a sham ! and NOT WORTH YOUR TIME Gary Graefen Jan. 2015


  1. Yea I have had lots of trouble with ning to. always a loss

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