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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

80 is the new 50

Your not old Gary, your only as old as you feel. 80 is the new 50. 
Reality check, I have arthritis spreading through my body. My shoulders and hips hurt most of the time. My back aches badly just getting out of a chair. I find just making coffee annoying sometimes. It takes me twice as long to motivate to get going. My hair is almost gone, my teeth are becoming history. I have to sleep 10 hours a day now instead of 8. I still have to work everyday, though I really do not want to. I have had people I knew drop before the age I am now that I can count on both hands twice.
I see those 20 years younger with debilitating diseases. Cancer,VD, and more.
I know what I felt like when I was 50 versus today. Age is a variable for all of us. Some live to 90 or above without real pain. Most do not. But the most aggravating things people say to me is-Oh your not old. I know what I am. I have young women who denigrate me everyday by calling me honey. Thinking they are cute. But diminishing my strengths. Young men who perceive an easy target for a quick score. The reality is that yes I am old. That doesn't mean I will lie down and be trampled by a society that idolizes youth. It doesn't mean that I will just go away. It means I am what I am, and will continue on until I am called. But at least do me the dignity of not denigrating my image based on your perceptions of old age. I have done many good things and reached many many people over the years. I deserve others "respect" I feel I have earned it.

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