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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eugenics And The Act of Playing God

Every rational mind knows that over population is a bad thing for the world.
Less resources, more disease, fewer choices.
Or is it?-we define success in nature as the propagation of a species.
The more successful species encompass a larger area, breed more, and propagate more. So where is the right answer?. If a hungry man says to me please help me. And I can-I help him. That is my nature. Is that a bad thing? Every religion guides us towards helping our fellow man. To try and ease pain and suffering. Who is to say that a Greater Plan, one deemed worthy doesn't come from a power higher than ourselves.
One which takes into account millennia, not just moments. What gives a few the right to decide how we as moral people should allocate resources or medical help. Who said that hospitals "must" be profitable. Mass suffering in the past has created better medicines, better health techniques, created in the minds of many a real desire to solve the problems of humanity. With no incentive of a moral nature-would we have that sort of human progress? We as people tend to grow by need. We as humans are impelled to be problem solvers. If there are no problems, there is nothing to solve and no need or interest in personal and scientific growth. No one ever promised that life would be utopian. So why should we think that logic should over ride our moral nature, that suffering needs to be eliminated through eugenics instead of the fundamental belief that all men have the capacity for good and are valuable unto themselves. Who gave someone with wealth the right to become our moral compass? Certainly not I. and probably not you. Corporations and people of wealth need to stop playing God. It's a battle they can never win. They will die and become a simple memory. There impact is but a blip in time. Eternity is something best determined by an immortal God-not a mortal human.-Gary,

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