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Friday, October 31, 2014

Gloria The Dentist--$3500 An Hour

So I seldom bitch but I am going to today-about dentists. If your a friend and a dentist take it for what it's worth. I had a back molar with a filling-it broke. I asked how much to repair-she says $3500-for one tooth. I said good bye. Later I managed to damage it even more. It started cutting into my tongue. In desperation I did an internet search on tooth repair. And found that dentists are now using an epoxy filler for teeth just like for cars. So with a quick ebay search I found a filler kit for $11.99. Did it myself, not perfect mind you-but it is good enough for now. I can talk again.

One of the reasons America has been in so much trouble is because of constantly rising health care costs. When something costs you $10.00 and you charge 350 times that amount-it's no wonder we are all broke.

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