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Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Your A Fool If You Try To Work For LaBOR READY

A friend of mine moved here recently: his experience with Labor Ready.
Well I moved to the great state of Washington to start a new life.
I went to the local labor ready to apply for a temp job and they told me
I had to apply online so I went back home to apply online. I even managed
through the app process which takes about an hour. Then  they send me a
email to confirm the app and send me  a pre-interview test.  So I take the test
and am told I failed the personality part and cannot reapply for 12 months.
Evidently an online personality test is capable of weeding out people who
can't take out garbage, work a simple press machine, or type letters.
I am sure my Full time employer will be more reasonable in his demands of my time,effort
and actually talk to, and meet me :)

You to can go through this process yourself by clicking here---Good Luck LOL

Password options are a joke right?

I wanted a part time job here I thought.........

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