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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Gangster Syndrome

I deal everyday with wholesome,alert, hard working blacks who contribute well to society. They work hard, tend there families well, own homes and business's. They are polite and treat me as an equal. But often times I also deal with their children. Young men who come in dressed like rappers, acting all bad, and sometimes really stupid. Hanging out in the parking lot. Hey bro, ya gotta dollar, they yell at the mundanes all passing by trying to finish there day. Irritating many who call them the little gangsters. I asked a Dad I know why do they act this way?. He told me-TV, Rap videos and peer forces. He said, "I really had to lay down the law to my own son". "His behavior and demeanor was making me nervous". Sometimes I think "in the name of entertainment" we do not always perceive that it can have social and economic consequences. I urge all parents-make sure that you explain to your children that tv is not real life. That what they see as cool-can under the wrong circumstances land them in jail. Kids do not always see tv and movies as fiction. Cool is doing well in school,staying out of trouble. MAKE IT CLEAR-no matter what race creed or color you are . Perhaps action on your part now-can save someone grief later.

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