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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did You Know That I Also Am A Widget Developer?

I had found widgets just wandering around the internet. I thought the concept was really cool.
Copy some code-paste it where it will work-instant content and interest. Then I realized that at widget box I could use web html and java script in there widget maker. WOW how cool, I could take all the routines I find and get them into a simple form that almost anyone can use-on social networks,facebook,myspace,all the ning networks-and there are gillions,hi5,and many others. Then there are blogs and websites. I have been super proud of my participation at Widgetbox. The developers are all very talented people. They have created thousands of neat widgets you can use in your work,. Some examples of my creations are here-I have a blog dedicated to those which really do things. I hope you enjoy using them, as much as I have creating them!-Gary

Want To Give Your Friends The Chance To Try Out My Widets?
Just click get widget!

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