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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oil-its cost and it's consequences

The latest rise in oil prices again brings into focus all the screaming and economic pain associated with my food money going into my f--ing gas tank. A government official in Alasaka is asking for more drilling, supposedly a 60 year supply that would rival middle eastern output is available. That sounds wonderful. However, we grant our government the right to protect future generations from the excesses of current citizens. Oil is a resource which is not just needed for fuel. We use it to create fertilizers, it is a lubricant. It also is used in the production of plastics and many other products. All of these products will be gone when the oil is. I say we need to bleed the middle east dry. Use ALL there oil right now. Even if the cost is high. Why?-so that 20 to 60 years from now, my great grand children still have an oil source which can be tapped for their needs. Another long term benefit-If the middle east is out of oil, so is there power base. No more Gadafi's or Irans to worry about. I don't like high prices, but more use of renewable energy plus saving current supplies for later, it might just put off the economic carnage I see in the not so distant future.

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